Ethnic Markets Discovery

Yunnan Ethnic Markets Discovery is really interesting thing to do when you travel to Yunnan, and is usually planned in Yunnan Minority Discovery Tours. In Yunnan, market is not only a place for people to sell and purchase goods, but also a platform for people to communicate and interact. From ancient times to the present, attending markets have already been essential events to the people in Yunnan.  These markets are appointed places and are appointed to happen in fixed dates for people from all over the places to stay together. They sell goods and buy goods. It’s a special, meaningful and important thing in people’s life.  Yunnan is a multi-ethnic region. Different minorities have different culture and life. When you visit Yunan, you could meet different markets, see different ethnic people and find out different goods. Besides the most popular ones are Kunming Dounan Flowers Market and Yunnan Mushuihua Wild Edible Mushroom Market, there are lots of ethnic markets in Honghe, Puer and Xishuangbanna, such as Laomeng Sunday Market and Ganlanba Morning Market

Yunnan Ethnic Markets Discovery

Yunnan Travel Guide for Ethnic Markets Discovery