Orphanages in Yunnan

Intercountry adoption is the process by which you adopt a child from a country other than your own through permanent legal means and then bring that child to your country of residence to live with you permanently. Each year, thousands of people in the world adopt children from abroad, and largely families habitually resident in other countries adopt children from China. In view of this situation, Yunnan Exploration is willing to provide a adoption tour for people who want to adopt children in Yunnan, China. 

Here below is a part list of Orphanages in Yunnan.

Chinese Name English Name Address Phone Number
昆明市儿童福利院 Kunming Municipal Children’s Home No.342, Bailongsi Village,Jinma Town, Panlong District, Kunming昆明市盘龙区金马镇白龙寺村342号 0871-63813908
师宗县儿童福利院 Shizong Children Welfare Home 324 National Rd, Shizong County, Qujing City, Yunnan云南省曲靖市师宗县324国道 0874-5769347
曲靖市儿童福利院 Qujing Children Welfare Home Zhongping Town, Huize County, Qujing City云南省会泽县钟屏镇 0874-5122451
大理市儿童福利院 Dali City Children Welfare Home Wenxian Village, Dali City, Dali大理白族自治州大理市文献村 /
丽江市儿童福利院 Lijiang City Children Welfare Home No.122, Qingyun East Road, Gucheng District, Lijiang City丽江市古城区庆云东路122号 0888-5128850
永胜儿童福利院 Yongsheng Children Welfare Home No.198, Fengming Road, Yongsheng County, Lijiang丽江市永胜县凤鸣路198号 0888-5128850


Yuxi Welfare Home No.2, Lexue Lane, Hongta District, Yuxi玉溪市红塔区乐学巷2号 0877-6571562


Baoshan Children Welfare Home  The Crossing of Taibao North Road and Xiaogan Road, Longyang District, Baoshan保山市隆阳区太保北路与孝感路交叉口 0875-2214026
昭阳区社会福利院 Zhaoyang District Social Welfare Home No.196, Xiaoliziyuan, Zhaoyang District, Zhaotong昭通市昭阳区小李子园196号 0870-3161280
景东儿童福利院 Jingdong Children Welfare Home J30 County Road, Jinping Town, Jingdong County, Pu’er普洱市景东彝族自治县锦屏镇县道J30 /
临沧市儿童福利院 Lincang Children Welfare Home No.480, Gongyuan Road, Linxiang District, Lincang临沧市临翔区公园路480号 0883-2134140
楚雄州儿童福利院 Chuxiong Prefecture Children Welfare Home Lucheng South Road, Chuxiong City, Chuxiong Prefecture楚雄彝族自治州楚雄市鹿城南路 0878-3121628
建水县社会福利院 Jianshui Social Welfare Home No.22, Wumiao Street, Jianshui County, Honghe Prefecture红河哈尼族彝族自治州建水县武庙街22号 /
蒙自市儿童福利院 Mengzi Children Welfare Home Mengyu Line, Wenlan Town, Mengzi City, Honghe Prefecture红河哈尼族彝族自治州蒙自市文澜镇蒙雨线 /
文山州社会福利院 Wenshan Social Welfare Home Xinping Road, Wenshan City, Wenshan Prefecture文山壮族苗族自治州文山市新平街道新平路 0876-2124323
西双版纳社会福利院 Xishuangbanna Social Welfare Home No.9, Melong Road, Jinghong, Xishuangbanna西双版纳傣族自治州景洪市么龙路9号 0691-2123100
芒市福利院 Mangshi Welfare Home The Crossing of 116 Township Road and 211 County Road, Mangshi, Dehong德宏傣族景颇族自治州芒市116乡道与211县道交叉口 0692-2121176
泸水市社会综合福利院 Lushui Comprehensive social welfare institutions Luzhang Village, Luzhang Town, Lushui City, Nujiang怒江傈僳族自治州泸水市鲁掌镇鲁掌村 /
德钦民政局社会福利院 Deqin Social Welfare Home No.59, Hexiang Middle Road, Deqin County, Diqing迪庆藏族自治州德钦县河香中路59号 0887-8412769

The above information is just for reference, if any change is based on actual information. If you wanna more information, you can contact by Email: contact@YunnanExploration.com, or Phone: 0086-871-63511469, Wechat: 908400838. We can find the specific places and plan the tour for you.