Fumin County Dining

What to eat in Fumin County?

Bean Cake is one of the favorite snacks for Fumin people. Crush the green beans into a mush and wrap them with rice flour. Put some sesame oil in the pan,after the oil is hot, slowly put the crushed beans into the pan and fry until both sides are golden.The Bean Cake is ready to serve now, slowly chewed it and feel the sweetness of rice.

There are more than 50 kinds of flowers that are known to be edible to Fumin people. The most common are the bitter thorn flowers, avocado flowers, broom flowers, walnut flowers, ground lotus flowers, palm flowers, pomegranate flowers, azalea flowers, banana flowers, roses , osmanthus flowers and Jasmine, etc. They can be boiled; fried; cooked with eggs, ham, bacon; or made into salad. In the spring, "Floral Banquet" is something people don’t want to miss.

Preserved collybia albuminosa is a special product of Fumin County. It’s golden yellow or brown, with fine texture, aromatic mellow, soft and refreshing taste, long lasting reputation.

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