Yongde County Education

By 2010, Yongde county has 15 middle schools, 147 primary schools, 2802 regular middle school and primary school teachers, 49,911 primary school and secondary school students. The enrollment rate of school-age children is 99.81%, junior secondary school enrollment rate is 59.48% and high school enrollment rate is 82.31%.

Chinese name

English name



Yongde the First Middle School

No. 313 Provincial Road, Yongde County, Lincang City(云南省临沧市永德县313省道)


Yongde Mengban Middle School

Mengban Town, Yongde County(永德县勐板镇)


Wumulong Middle School

Wumulong Township, Yongde County, Lincang City(云南省临沧市永德县乌木龙乡)


Mengdi Farm Middle School

Mengdi Farm, Yongde County(永德县勐底农场)


Daxueshan Middle School

Daxueshan Township, Yongde County, Lincang City(云南省临沧市永德县大雪山乡)


Yalian Middle School

Yalian Township, Yongde County(永德县亚练乡)


Xiaomengtong Middle School

Xiaomengtong Town, Yongde County(永德县小勐统镇)


Duande Primary School of Yongkang Town

Duande Village, Yongkang Town, Yongde County(永德县永康镇端德自然村)


Maocaoshui Primary School

Maocaoshui Village, Banka Township, Yongde County(永德县班卡乡茅草水自然村)


Yongde Chengguan Primary School

Yongkang Town, Yongde County, Lincang City(永德县永康镇)


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