Yongzi go-pieces recognised as famous brand of Yunnan ethnic folk arts and crafts

The news was updated on November 21, 2019. 

Recently, Yunnan province announced a list of demonstration villages, leading enterprises, famous brands and demonstration sub-districts that engage in the production and sales of ethnic folk arts and crafts. Baoshan Yongzi, a type of go-pieces, was recognised as a famous brand of ethnic folk arts and crafts in the province.

Yongzi go-pieces in Baoshan Yunnan

Baoshan Yongzi go-pieces date back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907) and are famous for their choice materials and unique craftsmanship. Yongzi go-pieces are the best go-pieces and considered a national treasure for their local characteristics and ethnic cultural connotations.

Yongzi go-pieces in Baoshan Yunnan

According to an executive of Baoshan Yongzi Cultural Industry Co. Ltd., the craftsmen use minerals such as Nanhong agate—unique to Baoshan—Huanglong jade, emerald and amber. They follow a secret formula and a sophisticated smelting and shaping process to make Yongzi go-pieces.

Yongzi go-pieces in Baoshan Yunnan

The Baoshan Yongzi Go Institute opened to the public in September 2016, and has since hosted a series of go-related events. These include the China Go First Division League, the China-Japan-South Korea Senior Go Mixed Doubles, the China-Japan-South Korea Go Celebrity Tournament and the International Go Culture Summit Forum.

Yongzi go-pieces Competition

Year on year, the institute receives over one million domestic and overseas go fans and tourists.

Source from http://english.yunnan.cn/html/2019/craft_1121/18214.html