Puzhehei Festivals and Events

Puzhehei enjoys diverse ethnic groups, also their traditional culture. Ethnic people carry on their traditional custom generation by generation. Ethnic festivals make Puzhehei a unique place with illydic scenery and traditional culture. They are undoubtedly temptations for visitors. Check the festival list and arrange your tour in advance.

Puzhehei Ethnic Culture and Art Festival 丘北县普者黑民族文化艺术节

Ethnic Culture and Art Festival is the comprehensive activity of different ethnic groups. Travelers can overview the local ethnic minorities.

Lotus Festival in Puzhehei丘北县普者黑荷花节

Puzhehei enjoys the large-scale lotus, which is another top attraction of Puzhehei tour in August.

Hualian Festival (Painted Face Festival)of Yi People彝族花脸节

Hualian means to enforce somebody to wear collies. Hualian Festival is special of Yi Minority in Qiubei County. Yi ancestors in Qiubei were said to wear black collies on their faces to drive away evil spirits thus Hualian Festival was brought forth, and it has become a golden opportunity for young generation to develop new romances because they could, on that day, “pain the faces” to express love.