Shuhe Ancient Town Culture

Southwest China's Yunnan tops the destination lists of many travelers in China, thanks to the area's awe inspiring natural scenery and diverse ethnic culture. The ancient town of Shuhe is one of the gems of Yunnan tourism, known for its well preserved architecture and carefully maintained traditions passed down from the heyday of the Tea Horse Road. Shuhe Ancient Town is the earliest habitation of the Naxi ancestors, an important and well-preserved post of the Ancient Tea Horse Route, which was an international trade route in Southwest China that uses the horse as its main vehicle. The town presents multiple cultural scenes, including unique folk customs, historical relics and beautiful natural scenery. Visitors can experience the simple and unsophisticated Naxi life in the town.

Go through a list of the festivals.

1.Lijiang Snow Mountain Music Festival

2.Bangbang Festival (Stick Festival)

3.San Duo Festival

4.Torch Festival

5.July Festival

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