Doctor Ho Snow Mountain Clinic

Since its opening on April 7, 1985, Yulong Snow Mountain Herbal Clinic has consistently advocated free treatment for the masses because it uses Naxi folk herbs, which has relieved the suffering of countless patients at home and abroad, thus gradually attracts the attention of many domestic and foreign news media. At the same time, with the increasing number of visitors from home and abroad, the clinic has become an indispensable window for the outside world to understand Lijiang and Naxi people.

Basic Information about Doctor Ho Snow Mountain Clinic

  • Contact: Doctor Ho
  • Zip code: 674199
  • Tel: 0888-5142015
  • Website:
  • Add: Baisha Town, Yulong County, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province

Location of Doctor Ho Snow Mountain Clinic

Baisha Ancient Town, the ancient town at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, is more ancient and quiet than the Dayan Ancient City, which also belongs to the world cultural heritage. There are many shops and doors on both sides of the ancient streets of Baisha ancient town, Doctor Ho Snow Mountain Clinic is one of them.

History of Doctor Ho Snow Mountain Clinic

In 1985, a Naxi doctor He Shixiu opened the Yulong Snow Mountain Herbal Clinic on the street of Baisha town, which is famous for treating tracheitis, stomach disease, rheumatism and various difficult and complicated diseases.

He Tuxiu graduated from Nanjing Foreign Language College in his early years, and knows English well. In addition to his excellent medical skills, more and more Chinese and foreign tourists come to visit him. More than 300 news media at home and abroad use more than 30 languages to publicize and report on He Shixiu and his clinic.

Features of Doctor Ho Snow Mountain Clinic

Doctor Ho Snow Mountain Clinic is a small clinic of tens of square meters renovated with an old ancestral residence. It is simple and primitive. Compared with modern clinics, they are really very old. But when you enter the clinic, you will be attracted by the house full of banners and objects left by visitors.

Baicao Garden

The original intention of building Baicao Garden is to build living specimens and after collecting the seeds, they can throw them into the mountains. More than 1000 plant specimens have been collected in the exhibition room of plant specimens. Every kind of the medicine has its own efficacy.

In addition to various herbs in the courtyard, the characters of more than 30 countries are engraved on the eaves and corners. This is written by He Shixiu’s son himself. The content is to select the title and content of the reports of the medical practice of his father in various national media. He said that he wanted to leave some memorials for future generations and fathers, but also wanted to continue the spirit of traditional Chinese medicine in this way. The garden has always been open to tourists free of charge.