Popular rose dishes are seen at Yunnan University

The news was updated on April 29, 2019. 

An annual dish show in Yunnan University, Kunming

Again, Yunnan University is quite visible on Chinese social networks these days. An annual dish show was just staged at the campus.

Yes! Rose dishes.

Rose in Chenggong Campus, Yunnan University

Nearly 40 Chinese acres of edible roses were planted in Chenggong Campus, Yunnan University. Recently, the roses bloomed in the school, forming an amazing sight and making it possible to cook the rose dishes. Creative chefs in the university turned roses into varied delicious snacks!

A closer look at the rose dishes will make you drool!

Rose salad

▲Rose salad

Iced powder with rose

▲Iced powder with rose

Rose cake

▲ Rose cake

Rose egg roll

▲ Rose egg roll

Pork with rose

▲Pork with rose

Rose rice-cake

▲Rose rice-cake

The dish photos taken by students in the university amazed netizens a lot.

Rose dishes in Yunnan University

The rose dishes are often sold out the moment they were taken out of the kitchen. 

What’s more, the snacks are cheap, averaging around 4 yuan for each. A rose rice-cake only costs 2 yuan!

Rose dishes in Yunnan University

“Hey, you guys! You enjoyed delicacies at Yunnan Uni.,” said a web user. “Why not just keep the pictures to yourselves? For students in other campus could have been lured.” See more comments below:

▲”The prices average at four yuan/per snack!”

▲”Rose feast in Yunnan Uni. is worth your trying.”

▲”Fried roses, so tasty…”

▲”It is at my school, super delicious!”

Rose dishes in Yunnan University

Chinese netizens are really envious of the ones at the university nowadays. And comments continued pouring in.

▲”It’s really a different school.”

▲ “A special canteen!”

▲”Missing my alma mater.”

▲”No wonder my niece chose to attend Yunnan University.”

Rose dishes in Yunnan University

According to the university chefs, they have developed the rose dishes for two years. 

Rose dishes in Yunnan University

Rose dishes in Yunnan University

This year, they roll out 30 plus rose dishes every day, using up over 80 kg petals per day.

Wow, the dishes are just amazing. Everyone wants a try. 

Obviously, Yunnan University is really a celebrated school on its own right. 

Yunnan University in Kunming

Besides rose dishes, the campus also features other “online celebrities.” 


Squirrel in Yunnan University

For quite a while, the little squirrels in the university old campus take the center stage among the phenomena on line.

Every day, crowds of locals and visitors volunteer to offer the squirrels fruits, sunflower seeds, or biscuits. 


Peacock in Yunnan University

This March, six blue pea fowls made a hit at the university’s Chenggong new campus, the photos going viral on line.


Swan in Yunnan University

“Days at the university linger on and on when swans swim freely in the wisdom lake, lavender under the clock tower gives off aroma, white clods float in the blue sky, and people of taste meet each other at the campus,” said a student with Yunnan University.