Yunxian County Climate

Yunxian county is located in the southwest of Yunnan province, east of Lincang city, between east longitude 99°43'-100°33' and north latitude 23°56'-24°46'. It is on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. Therefore, Yunxian County belongs to low latitude plateau subtropical monsoon climate and warm temperate monsoon climate. Its annual average temperature is 19.1℃, the highest temperature is 26.9℃, the lowest temperature is 13.8℃. And the annual average precipitation is 1367.2 mm. 

The Lancang River, mountains, river valleys and the thermal dam in Yunxian County have formed a very unique tridimensional climate and a magical and beautiful natural scenery. The primeval forests of snowy mountain and Dabing mountain(大丙山), clear Nage River(拿戈河), Wenzhu River(温竹河) and Nayu River(拿鱼河), scattered river valleys and hot springs, 23 ethnic groups created a colorful ethnic culture. With pleasant weather, travelers can go to Yunxian county all year round. Since rainfall in Summer is much more than winter, travelers are supposed to prevent natural disasters in Rainy season.

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