Yunxian County Culture

Ethnic Groups

In 2010, the total population of Yunxian county was 450,000, among which the minority population was 225,000, accounting for about 50% of the total population. There are 23 ethnic groups including Han, Yi, Bai, Dai, Lahu, Bulang, Hui, Lisu and Miao etc.

Ethnic Towns

There are three ethnic towns in Yunxian county. They are Manghuai Yi and Bulang Ethnic Town(忙怀彝族布朗族乡), Lishu Yi and Dai Ethnic Town(栗树彝族傣族乡), Houqing Yi Ethnic Town(后箐彝族乡).

Ethnic Culture

There are folk dance "Limi Dage of Yi subgroup(彝族俐侎打歌)" in Xingfu Town(幸福镇), folk traditional craft "Bulang tile roof hat craftsmanship(布朗族瓦房帽制作工艺)" in Manghuai Township(忙怀乡), folk building "Duwenxiu General House(杜文秀将军府)", folk custom "pilgrimage to a mountain of Yi(彝族朝山会)" etc.