Yunxian County Education

Almost every town and Township has their own middle school and primary school in Yunxian county. In 2010, primary schools and middle schools in 12 towns and Townships were conducted a survey, a total of 297,189 square meters of dilapidated buildings were identified. By the end of May 2010, 171 schools had begun construction under the security plan. In 2013, dilapidated buildings basically eliminated. Yunxian County the First Middle School was overall moved.

Chinese name

English name



Yunxian County the First Middle School

East Street, Aihua Town, Yunxian County, Lincang City, Yunnan Province(云南省临沧市云县东大街)


Yunxian County Ethnic Middle School

Qinshan Road, Aihua Town, Yunxian County(云南省临沧市云县琴山路)


Yunxian County Manwan Middle School

Manmang Road, Manwan Town, Yunxian County(云南省临沧市云县漫忙线)


Dachaoshan Middle School

County Road 274, Dachaoshan Town, Yunxian County(云南省临沧市云县274县道)


Xingfu Middle School

Dalao Road, Xingfu Town, Yunxian County(云南省临沧市云县幸福镇大老线)


Manghuai Middle School

Peace Avenue, Manghuai Township, Yunxian County(云南省临沧市云县平安大道)


Chafang Middle School

County Road 274, Chafang Township, Yunxian County(云南省临沧市云县274县道)


Yongbao Middle School

Yongbao Street, Yongbao Town, Yunxian County(云南省临沧市云县涌宝镇涌宝街)


Aihua Primary School

East Street, Aihua Town, Yunxian County(云南省临沧市云县爱华镇)


Xiaojie Primary School

Xiaojie Township, Yunxian County(云南省临沧市云县晓街乡)


Dazhai Primary School

Lida Road, Dazhai Town, Yunxian county(云南省临沧市云县梨大线)


Yunxian County Yunda Hope Primary School

Tuanshan Village, Xiaojie Township, Yunxian county(云南省临沧市云县晓街乡团山村)


Yunxian County Yunlu Hope Middle School

Toudaoshui Village, Toushi Road, Yunxian County(云南省临沧市云县头石线头道水村)


Chafang Center Primary School

Fencha Road, Chafang Township, Yunxian County(云南省临沧市云县茶房乡分茶路)

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