Yubeng Village Administrative Divisions

Yubeng Village is located in Yunling Township of Deqin County, Diqing, Yunnan. Therefore, Yubeng Village Administrative Divisions involve Yunling Township, Deqin County. Deqin County has jurisdiction over 2 towns, 2 ethnic towns and 4 townships. As Follows: 

Administrative Divisions Areas Under Jurisdiction
Shengping Town(升平镇) Adunzi Community(阿墩子社区), Dunhe Community(墩和社区), Jushui Village(巨水村), Adong Village(阿东村)
Benzilan Town(奔子栏镇) Benzilan Village(奔子栏村), Shusong Village(书松村), Yeri Village(叶日村), Duotong Village(夺通村), Dari Village(达日村)
Yunling Township(云岭乡) Guonian Village(果念村), Sinong Village(斯农村), Xidang Village(西当村), Hongpo Village(红坡村), Chalitong Village(查里桶村)
Foshan Township(佛山乡) Nagu Village(纳古村), Bamei Village(巴美村), Jiangpo Village(江坡村), Luwa Village(鲁瓦村), Liudongjiang Village(溜洞江村)
Yanmen Township(燕门乡) Tuola Village(拖拉村), Badong Village(巴东村), Cizhong Village(茨中村), Chunduole Village(春多乐村), Guzha Village(谷扎村), Yugong Village(禹功村), Shidi Village(石底村)
Yangla Township(羊拉乡) Jiagong Village(甲功村), Guiwu Village(规吾村), Yangla Village(羊拉村), Maoxiang Village(茂项村)
Xiaruo Lisu Ethnic Town(霞若傈僳族乡) Xiaruo Village(霞若村), Shirong Village(石茸村), Duosong Village(夺松村), Yueren Village(月仁村), Shiba Village(施坝村), Gemerong Village(各么茸村), Cukatong Village(粗卡桶村)
Tuoding Lisu Ethnic Town(拖顶傈僳族乡) Tuoding Village(拖顶村), Luosha Village(洛沙村), Zuolin Village(左林村), Dacun Village(大村), Luoyu Village(落玉村)

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