Jinping Mountain Scenic Area in Eshan County, Yuxi

Why is Jinping Mountain Scenic Area So Special?

Jinping Mountain is composed of three areas, Main Scenic area, Shuangjiang area双江片区 and Xixiang area西乡片区, with fresh air and luxuriant vegetation, including Yunhai Pavilion云海阁, Linhai Pavilion林海阁, Baihua area百花区, Tea Mountain Pearl茶山明珠, Yuncha Tea Villa云茶山庄 and other scenic spots. 

Every March, along the path in the mountains, you can see the camellia, rhododendron, Maying flowers马樱花, Azalea, Bay leaf flower, colorful flowers dotted with the forest. The scenery is breathtaking. At the foot of Jinping Mountain, there is the Linjiang Park临江公园 of Eshan County.

Where is Jinping Mountain Scenic Area?

Jinping Mountain Scenic Area, a provincial scenic area in Eshan County, is located in Eshan County of Yunnan Province, 1.5 km from the west of Eshan County. It is named after “the mountain is like a beautiful screen in the west of the county”. The scenic area is composed of Jinping Mountain main scenic area, Shuangjiang area and Xixiang area, with a total area of 120 square kilometers.

Features of Jinping Mountain Scenic Area

The scenic area is full of undulating mountains and mountains, fresh and cool air, good vegetation protection and various biological species. The landscape is dominated by the natural scenery of Zhongshan woodland on the plateau, supplemented by ornamental flowers, trees, ten thousand mu tea gardens, and national customs and culture. Suitable for vacation, sightseeing, study, scientific research and other activities. It is a natural scenery as the main part, famous for the mountains, and  a summer resort with flowers, trees, bamboo and tea mountain, which attracts tourists to escape the heat there.

Main Attractions

The Jinping Mountain Scenic area is divided into six major attractions, with a six towers, seven pavilions and eight statues.

1. Du Fu Ancestral Hall杜工部祠堂

The ancestral hall was built against the mountain and maintained the solemn and elegant style of the classicists in the Tang and Song dynasties. A large number of poems were left in the ancestral hall. In the front hall of the ancestral Hall, over 70 pieces of Du Fu’s poems, woodcuts and paintings, such as “Lang Shan Ge阆山歌” and “Lang Shui Ge阆水歌”, are hung there. In the middle of the hall, there is a statue of Du Fu杜甫, and both sides of the hall are displayed ancient cultural relics.

2. Zhang Xian Ancestral Hall张宪祠

Zhang Xian Ancestral Hall covers an area of more than 10 mu. Zhang Xian张宪, a famous general in south Song dynasty, Yue Fei’ son-in-law, was born at Jinping Mountain. Like Yue Fei岳飞, Zhang Xian was framed by Qin Hui, died tragically at Fengbo Pavillion风波亭.

3. Guanxing(Stars Viewing) Tower and Luo Xiahong Statue观星楼与落下闳像

Luo Xiahong落下闳, a famous astronomer in ancient China, was born in Langzhong阆中 of the Western Han Dynasty. At Panlong Mountain蟠龙山, north of the Eshan County, China’s earliest viewing platform was set up, and a starview tower was built at Jinping Mountain锦屏山, 24 meters high. We can understand the history of ancient astronomical research in Han, Tang and Song dynasties.

4. Forest of Steles碑林

There is a collection of more than 260 ancient celebrity inks, is a large stone library. Stone tablet written by famous general Zhang Fei in the three Kingdoms Shu Han三国蜀汉 stands in the middle of Forest of Steles. Two sides are Du Fu’s psalms; Zhang Shanzi’s painting, Tiger; Wu Daozi’s painting, Guanyin and Zheng Banqiao’s painting, Bamboo. These four works are honored as “Four Treasures” of stele forest. (Zhang Shanzi张善子, Wu Daozi吴道子 and Zheng Bnagqiao郑板桥 are all painters)

6. Baxian(the Eight Immortals) Cave八仙洞

According to legend, one of the eight Immortals, Lv Dongbin, once cultivated himself according to religious doctrine here. Inside Baxian Cave, the eight Immortals sit in a row, happy and contented. 

Nearby Attractions

1. Tianzi Mountain Hot Spring Scenic Area天子山温泉景区

Tianzi Mountain Hot Spring Scenic Area is located at the Nianjing Village of Xiaojie Subdistrict小街街道年景村 in Eshan County, Yuxi, is a low-salinity light spring water, is the key developing tourism area of Eshan County.

2. Linjiang Park临江公园

Linjiang Park is located at the foot of Nangui Mountain南龟岭 in Eshan County. It got the name because the park is at the bank of Lianjiang River练江. It is a comprehensive park that integrates viewing, leisure and historical commemorate.

How to Get There?

There are three ways you can get to Jinping Mountain.

Kunming-Eshan County

You can take long-distance bus from Kunming South Bus Station to Eshan Bus Terminal directly.

Departure Time: 8:30, 9:50, 11:00, 12:10, 13:30, 14:50, 16:20, 17:50

Ticket Price: 46 CNY

Distance: 103 kilometers

Consume Time: 1.5 hours

Kunming-Yuxi(By train)-Eshan County

There is railway station in Yuxi. You will spend about 1 hour and 15 minutes on the train. The lowest ticket price  is CNY 16.5. Then taking regular bus from Yuxi Chengbei Bus Terminal to Eshan County, which only spends 1 hour on the way. After arriving in Eshan County, there are many minibuses to Jinping Mountain, car fare is about CNY 10. 

Accommodation at Jinping Mountain Scenic Area

There are hotels and inns around Jinping Mountain. Therefore, you can stay around Jinping Mountain scenic spot for overnight or stay in Eshan County.

1. Eshan Hotel峨山大酒店

Address: Huancheng North Road, Eshan County, Yuxi玉溪市峨山彝族自治县环城北路

Tel: 0877-4018888

2. Mifeng Hotel峨山蜜蜂酒店

Address: XiE Road, Eshan County, Yuxi玉溪市峨山彝族自治县嶍峨路

Tel: 0877-4071988

Best Time to Visit

The best time to travel in Jinping Mountain Scenic Area is Spring and Summer. There are a lot of flowers blooming in spring. And in summer, Jinping mountain scenic area is an ideal place to escape the heat.

Useful Travel Tips

1. Temperature difference is a bit large between morning and evening, you’d better bring the coat.

2. In summer, Eshan county is rainy, remember to bring the umbrella.