When is The Best time to Visit Yunnan

The best time to travel in Yunnan is in spring and autumn, especially March to April, and September to November.

Travel to Yunnan in Spring

In spring (March to May), Yunnan has the large daily temperature difference changing from 12 to 20 ℃. The month of May is likely to be the rainiest month.

•Wild Elephant Valley Forest Park: Located in Xishuangbanna, it is a special theme park for Wild Asian Elephant sightseeing and observing and rainforest sightseeing.
•Dali Ancient City: Located in Dali, here many of the festival and grand meeting of the Bai Nationality are held in March and April every year; then you will feel strong folk custom.
•Potatso National Park: Locate in Shangri-la, it is the first national park in mainland China; lakes, forest, marsh, valley, alpine meadow and so on can be seen in the park.

Travel to Yunnan in Summer

Summer (June to August) in Yunnan will not be very hot. The average temperature of the hottest month is between 19℃ and 22 ℃.

•Lugu Lake: Located in Lijiang, it is a lake embraced in green mountains and remains an uncontaminated plateau lake with the crystal-clear water.
•Fuxian Lake: Located in Yuxi, it is the second deep freshwater lake in China; it is a perfect place for your summer holiday travel.

Travel to Yunnan in Autumn

Autumn is the harvest season of most fruits and flowers. Tourists can get a lot during their trip.

•Stone Forest: Located in Kunming, the magnificent, strange and steep landscape of the Stone Forest creates countless labyrinthine vistas, all of which feature stones in various formations.
•Western Hill and Dragon Gate: Located in Kunming, it is set in mountains well covered by evergreen woods and filled with sweet songs by lovely birds.

Travel to Yunnan in Winter

Winter in Yunnan is never too cold. The coldest month average temperature could be 6℃ ~ 8 ℃. 

•Meili Snow Mountain: Located in Shangri-la, it is the most sacred mountain the in the world; it has snow-capped peaks, dense forests, vast grasslands and beautiful wild flowers from January to May.
•Jade Dragon Snow Mountain: Located in Lijiang, it is a treasure of wild plants and rare animals, like a silver dragon lying in the clouds.

Other Tips

The sunshine in Yunnan is too strong during the day that you’d better take your sunscreen and sunglasses. Also you should drink more water, eat more fruit, and prevent dehydration.

In winter and spring, Kunming has large daily temperature difference, so travelers need to take coats and sweaters.