Kunming International Flower Expo of China (KIFE)

Kunming International Flower Expo of China (KIFE) was founded in 1999 and has been successfully held for 20 years. Due to the region‘s abundant natural resources and favorable environment, Yunnan is described as the ‘fertile soil’ of China’s floral industry. Yunnan’s yield of fresh-cut flowers has remained China’s top for 25 years in a row, accounting for over 80% of the national market; its major Rose and Boat Orchid pot plant products represent 90% of the domestic market. Yunnan has established its leading position in the Chinese and Asian floral industry.

21th Kunming International Flower Expo of China (KIFE)

Kunming International Flower Expo of China (KIFE) has grown into a leading flower industry event in Asia. In 2020, KIFE will cover a combined exhibition area of 50,000 sqm and feature every link along the flower industry chain. Over 35,000 local and international traders, flower shop owners and e-retailers will attend the shows to fulfill their procurement requirements. KIFE is a powerfully effective business platform for industry professionals to place orders, promote brands, launch new products and create collaborations that drive market expansion.


  • Insight into Asia’s latest flower industry trends.
  • Over 2,000 leading flora shop owners with procurement requirements.
  • Over 3,000 flower planters and growers.
  • 1000+ new, high-quality flower species and products on show.

20th Kunming International Flower Expo of China (KIFE)

The 20th Kunming International Flower Expo of China (KIFE), hosted by Reed Exhibitions in partnership with Yunnan Flower Technology Training & Promotion Center, took place in Kunming from July 12 to 14, 2019. This year’s event, themed “Live in Colorful Blossoms, Live A Green Future“, is held alongside the China Floriculture Retail Forum and China Home Gardening Expo, showcasing the latest trends and best elements of the global floral industry.

The 50,000 square meter exhibition hall features over 500 exhibitors and over 35,000 Chinese and international trade buyers. Featured exhibitors include Lynch Group, Aibida, Vandenberg Rosesand Hasfarm. Cross-industry giants, SF Express and JD.com also joined forces to showcase their logistics and market strategies.

19th Kunming International Flower Expo of China (KIFE)

This year the 19th KIFE and the Home Gardening Expo occupied 30,000 m2 of exhibition space and featured 339 exhibitors. Among the exhibitors were many Yunnan-based producers. A wide range of flowers, including many proprietary varieties, were on display from Yunnan growers.

Most of the foreign-owned flower growers with farms in Yunnan, such as Anthura, Van den Berg, De Ruiter and Hasfarm exhibited. This year also saw a lot of participation from international cut flower traders, such as foreign exporters and China-based importers. Also exhibiting was leading Chinese logistics and express delivery firm S.F. Express, which was a sponsor of the show. There were also over a thousand flower shop owners in attendance at the show, thanks to the China Floriculture Retail Forum being held concurrently with KIFE for the first time.

18th Kunming International Flower Expo of China (KIFE)

On June 22, 2018, the 18th China Kunming International Flower Exhibition opened at Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center. The main venue and sub-venues of the flower exhibition was set up. The main venue is located in Hall 1 and Hall 2 of Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center. It covers an area of 10,000 square meters and has 350 exhibition booths. 168 exhibitors from Netherlands, France, Denmark, Italy, Israel and Yunnan, Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong, Jiangsu, Fujian and Guangdong provinces participated in the exhibition. During the exhibition, more than 10 technical exchanges and cultural and artistic activities will be held, including “China-Israel Flower and Horticulture Technical Cooperation Forum”, “Modern Greenhouse Equipment and Technological Innovation Forum”, “Second Yunnan Multi-Meat Industry Forum”, “Creative Aesthetics Portfolio Potted Forum” and Flower performance activities of many different styles.

17th Kunming International Flower Expo of China (KIFE)

From August 26 to 28, 2016, the 17th China Kunming International Flower Exhibition was held in Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center with the theme of “Flowers and Life”. There are 115 exhibitors from the Netherlands, Norway, Israel, Korea and other countries participating in the flower exhibition. In addition to fresh cut flowers, green ornamental seedlings, potted flowers (including potted landscape), seedlings (balls, seeds), flowers with local characteristics, as well as edible, medicinal and industrial flowers, there are also deep-processed products such as flower flower cosmetics and fresh-keeping flowers. Fifty new and excellent varieties of flowers meet with the audience. Flower competition, human-flower show, flower Entrepreneurship Forum and other activities were brilliant.

16th Kunming International Flower Expo of China (KIFE)

From January 16 to 19, 2015, the 16th Kunming International Flower Exhibition and “Flower Industry Development Forum” was held. More than 90 enterprises participated in the exhibition, with 170 booths. This flower exhibition not only attracted professional businessmen from Netherlands, Korea, Japan, Israel and other countries and regions to visit, inspect and negotiate, but also attracted professional businessmen representatives from Beijing, Fujian, Tianjin, Chongqing, Sichuan, Shandong, Guangdong and other major flower producing areas to visit and inspect the flower exhibition. However, well-known enterprises in the Netherlands, Japan, Israel, South Korea, Australia and other countries have brought advanced technology and products in the world, such as special greenhouse film for cold protection and freezing protection, new and excellent potted flower varieties popular in the international market, etc.

This flower exhibition also shows many new flower varieties independently developed by Yunnan Province, such as Oncidium potted flowers, Miltrand potted flowers and Aristolochia potted flowers, unique cut lotus flowers, discolored Hydrangea fresh-keeping flowers, and rose, carnation, African chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum and other new varieties.