International Schools in Yunnan

Up to 2011, there were 27 international schools in Yunnan. These included Yunnan Foreign Language School, Aeua International Academy Kunming, Zhaotong International School, etc. In addition, there were 16 schools with international center, such as Kunming No.1 High School International Center and Kunming Foreign Language School International Center, etc. Here we introduce part of them for you to learn the education in Yunnan.

1. Aeua International Academy Kunming

AEUA International Academy Kunming(云南师大附中美华国际高中) was established in Yunnan with the approval from Education Department and the Civil Affairs Department of Yunnan Province.It is a standard international boarding school jointly held by the High School Affiliated to Yunnan Normal University and American Education United Association.The school introduces high quality education resources and integrating American and British curriculum standards.The curriculums are taught by talented teachers,supported by a competent and dedicated management team.

2. Beanstalk International Bilingual School Kunming (BIBS)

Beanstalk International Bilingual School(昆明呈贡青苗国际双语学校) opened a branch campus in Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan, on Dec 18, 2015. The campus is located in the city’s Chenggong district and began giving lessons on March 1, 2016. As Beijing’s first international school, Beanstalk International Bilingual School was founded in 1993 and has eight branch campuses across China. The school employs many qualified teachers from foreign countries and those with experience of studying overseas. The majority of courses taught at the school are taught in English and the school adopts a standard management model to help students develop healthily and rapidly.

3. Kunming World Youth Academy

Kunming World Youth Academy(昆明世青国际学校) is an independent, international, day school located in Yunnan province and is part of the Beijing World Youth Academy (BWYA) family of schools established in Beijing who started with a small cohort of students studying the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.  BWYA has now grown into four urban campuses and K-12 classes with over 800 students. It has developed a reputation for academic excellence coupled with a strong sense of community. It will provide families with opportunities to explore local culture and become the heart of international education in Yunnan Province. It operate a boarding school to accommodate children from a broader range of provinces and areas within South East Asia.

4. The International Department of Qujing Nationality Middle School

Qujing Nationality Middle School (formerly middle school of Normal college of Qujing) was founded in Sep. 1985 and renamed in Sep 1997. It is one of 100 key Schools in Yunnan province. The international course of the international department is a comprehensive subject of physics, chemistry and biology in Canada. The introduction of the international course of China-Canada not only enables students to master a large number of English vocabulary related to the course, but also enables students to adapt to the teaching system and teaching methods of the international course of China-Canada in Qujing City in advance, as well as the evaluation system of the assessment of students’ knowledge. 

5. Kunming Foreign Languages School Cambridge International Center

The Cambridge International Center of Kunming Foreign Language School is approved by the Education Department of Yunnan Province and the Education Bureau of Kunming city. It cooperates with CIE (Center No. cn974) of Cambridge University Examination Committee of the United Kingdom and the Education Bureau of greater John city of Pennsylvania of the United States of America. Students can obtain a double diploma of Chinese and American. Graduates can apply for overseas universities as American high school graduates. Aiming at the junior high school graduates, it sets up A-level international course of Chinese and English, and perfectly integrate sat, A-level, IELTS and other examination training courses into ordinary teaching. Through this new curriculum model, students can fully prepare to study in famous overseas schools according to their actual needs.

6. Kunming No.1 High School International Center

In 2009, the International Department of Kunming No.1 Middle School was established with the approval of Yunnan provincial education department (no. 93 yun jiao wai [2009]). In 2011, it was authorized by Cambridge university examination committee (global center no. : CN869). In November 2013, it was approved by the College Board to be a member of the College Board and to offer AP courses (school international code: CEEB 694460). Their curriculum is centered on the International curricula of A-Level and AP programs. Both of these rigorous programs are intended to prepare students for university  studies by exposing them to western educational methodology while still in their formative high school years. Our coursework  includes  the  basic mathematics, English, biology, chemistry, and physics, while also providing various elective courses in subjects such as business and economics,  psychology,  history, literature,  and  health.  A-Level and  AP  courses  are  advanced courses that can be exchanged for college credits overseas, and which give students an advantage during the college application process.

7. Kunming No.3 High School International Center

Kunming No. 3 High School was founded in 1907 and is one of only a few hundred-year-old elite schools in Yunnan Province. Its performances of college entrance examinations and senior high school entrance examinations are both ranked highly in Kunming City, and even Yunnan Province. In April 2011, the Yunnan Provincial Department of Education formally approved the establishment of International Department of Kunming No. 3 High School and in 2013, the International Department was selected as the only director unit of China Education International Exchange Association High School Branch in Yunnan Province. For two consecutive years, Kunming won the “Good Reputation Award” in the education industry of Yunnan Province and are the only international department listed on the billboard.

8. Yunnan International Academy

Kunming International Academy is a private international school in Kunming, China. Founded in 1994, it serves the international community by providing education to expatriate children living in Kunming in English for Pre-Junior-Kindergarten-Grade 12. The school has an enrollment of over 300 students from over 20 different countries. The purpose of Kunming International Academy, as a private and non-profit institution, is to provide a quality education for the children of the international community. KIA’s programs designed to develop mature and healthy young adults and assist them in achieving their full potential as world citizens.

9. Yunnan Foreign Language School

Yunnan Foreign Language School is the only province-level international school that legally enrolls domestic and foreign students into kindergartens, primary schools, junior middle schools and senior high schools. It is one of the eight provincial foreign language schools directly under the education department of Yunnan province. The school has three campuses: Chenggong, Shilin and Jinning. Yunnan foreign language school is invested by Yunnan horizon overseas study foundation and Hong Kong Elizabeth education group. It is directly under the leadership of Yunnan education department and one of the eight provincial foreign language schools in China. Since October 2010, Yunnan Foreign Language School has established a strategic partnership with the Hebin branch of the university of California, and successively signed strategic cooperation agreements with Shanghai international studies university teaching group and other well-known educational institutions. Yunnan Foreign Language School has created a world-class learning and living environment for students in Yunnan and even southwest China.

10. Kunming Concord College of Sino-Canada

Kunming Concord School is located in Wujiatang Wetland Park, Guandu District, near Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center. The Campus area covers about 6007 square meters. The school is constructed in first-class standards, elegant architectural style, excellent conditions for running schools, advanced equipment and facilities- beautiful campus environment, greeneries and perfection. It enrolls both Primary and Junior high school students, offering both day school and boarding school options that are of high-quality, modern, high-profile, high-grade, beautiful landscape and ecology international School. Kunming Concord School is the first Chinese and Canadian cooperation school; it is an implementation of new international schools system, with dual curriculum education offering advanced and unique educational philosophy and educational advantages. On June 2015, the Kunming Aviation cloud Xi mansion delegation and the RBC Canadian International Education Group signed a cooperation agreement in Kunming Guandu District held in Concord schools.

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