Baihualing Travel Tips

For giving you a better travel experience, here we offer you some useful travel tips for your Baihualing Trip.

1. In field activities, please pay attention to safety and mosquito bites.

2. Please shoot without feeding, respect the habits of birds, keep a certain distance from the them, and do not disturb them. It is recommended to wear camouflage clothes and other clothes that are close to the natural color as much as possible, and avoid wearing clothes with too bright colors.

3.Use longer focal length. In order not to disturb birds, long focus lenses are generally required for photographing.

4.Ensure the shutter speed. To shoot a flying bird, the shutter should take about 1/500  in seconds to clearly capture the subject’s image and, if necessary, consider increasing cameras’ sensitivity.

5.Burst mode capture. Conscious continuous shooting helps capture the most wonderful dynamic bird movements.

6. The best time for birdwatching in Baihualing is from every October to next May.

7. Usually tourists first get to Baoshan and then rent a car to Baihualing.