Guandu District Festivals and Events

The Horse Racing Festival

The Horse Racing Festival is a traditional festival for Yi-zijun ethnic group who lives in Guandu District. Every year on the June 24th of the lunar calendar, Zijun people will hold a "The Horse Racing Festival" at Paoma Mountain in the eastern outskirts of Kunming. This festival is about local people watch horse race to worship gods for bringing peace,prosperity and victory .

The Torch Festival

The Torch Festival is a traditional festival for the Yi people to celebrade New Year, it’s also known as the "Star Festival." It begins on The lunar calendar June 24 and generally lasts for three to four days. People would held torches dance around a bonfire,and sing traditional songs .

Ancestor Temple Fair

On February 19 of the Chinese Lunar calender, people will gather at Guandu Luofeng Village, Guanyin Temple of Shangyi Village,and Wugu Temple of Xizhuang Village to worship their ancestor for three days.