Luliang County Administrative Divisions

Luliang county governs 2 subdistricts and 9 towns, which are Zhongshu subdistrict(中枢街道办事处), Tongle subdistrict(同乐街道办事处), Banqiao town(板桥镇), Sanchahe town(三岔河镇), Majie town(马街镇), Zhaokua town(召夸镇), Damogu town(大莫古镇), Fanghua town(芳华镇), Xiaobaihu town(小百户镇), Huoshui town(活水乡), Longhai town(龙海乡).

Traditional ethnic village

There are 2 traditional ethnic villages which are Liangdi Village of Majie Town and Yongjia Village of Fanghua Town.