Luliang County Overview

1.Basic information

Chineses name: 陆良

Location: East of Yunnan 

Language: Southwestern Mandarin - Yunnan Dialect

Population: 619,900

Nationalities: Han, Yi, Miao, Hui

Area: 2096 square kilometers

Zip code: 655699

Area code: 0874

2.Geographical Location

Luliang county is located in the eastern part of Yunnan province, in the upstream of Nanpan River, north latitude 24 ° 44 '- 25 ° 18', longitude 103 ° 23 '- 104 ° 02'. North border with Malong, Qilin, east neighbour to Luoping, south connected with Shizong, the Stone Forest.


Luliang County is affiliated to Qujing, Yunnan Province. Luliang County is located in the eastern part of Yunnan Province and is known as the “Pearl of the East”. The county is 65.6 kilometers long from east to west and 62.8 kilometers wide from north to south. The territory is 1,840 meters above sea level, surrounded by mountains, with an open and flat lake basin in the middle. It is the first flat dam in Yunnan Province, with a flat dam area of 772 square kilometers. The highest point is Longhai Mountain at an elevation of 2,687 meters. The lowest point is the 1,400 meters above sea level in Shijiahe, and the county is 1,850 meters above sea level.


The history of the famous figures was edited in the second year of the Western Han Dynasty (109 BC), which was set up in Tongzhou County and belonged to Yizhou County. Shuhan was still the same name, and was a member of Jianning County. The Eastern Jin Dynasty was renamed Tongle County and belonged to Jianning County. In the 13th year of the Yuan Dynasty (1276), it was changed to Luliang Prefecture, and it was under Qujing Road, leading Fanghua and Henayu County. In the first year of the Republic of China (1912), the province successively abolished the state as a county and changed it to "Luliang County", which belonged to the Dianzhongdao. With the approval of the province, the name "liangxian" was under provincial jurisdiction. In 1950, it belonged to Yiliang Prefecture, and in 1954 it was changed to Qujing area. In May 1997, Qujing was relocated to the city and belonged to Qujing City.

5.Administrative Division

Luliang county governs 2 subdistricts and 9 towns, which are Zhongshu subdistrict(中枢街道办事处), Tongle subdistrict(同乐街道办事处), Banqiao town(板桥镇), Sanchahe town(三岔河镇), Majie town(马街镇), Zhaokua town(召夸镇), Damogu town(大莫古镇), Fanghua town(芳华镇), Xiaobaihu town(小百户镇), Huoshui town(活水乡), Longhai town(龙海乡).

6.Ethnic Groups

In 2012, there were Yi, Bai, Yi, Zhuang, Miao, Hui, Yi, Lahu, Yi, Naxi, Yao, Tibetan, Jingpo, Blang, Buyi, Achang, Hani, Xibo, and Pumi. Ethnic, Mongolian, Nu, Jinuo, De'ang, Shui, Manchu, Dulong and other ethnic groups living in the Luliang county, and there are 2 traditional ethnic villages which are Liangdi Village of Majie Town and Yongjia Village of Fanghua Town.


Luliang County is 1840 meters above sea level. It belongs to the subtropical plateau monsoon type dry winter and summer wet climate zone. It has the characteristics of no cold in winter, no heat in summer, warm and dry in spring, cool and humid in autumn. The annual average temperature is 5326, and the annual average temperature is 14.7 °C. The accumulated temperature is 5326 ° C, the annual rainfall is 900-1000 mm, the frost-free period is 249 days, the annual sunshine hours are 2442.5 hours, and the annual solar radiation is 125.2 kcal/cm 2 .

8.Best time to Visit

The climate in Luliang county is quite warm. People can come to Luliang in Spring and Summer to enjoy the beautiful sceneries. And Spring is the most popular time for the local people to celebrate all kinds of festivals.


The road system of Luliang county is quite good. You can reach the neighboring places mostly by coach.The buses goes on almost every hour everyday. As for flight or railway, it's out of reach. There's a railway station in a small town near Luliang county, but you still need to take a vain to get to Luliang, so it's not so convenient.The buses carries on everyday, heads for Kunming,the captial city, Qujing, Luxi, Kaiyuan, Gejiu and so on, mostly the neighboring counties.


Luliang Food is various and kind of interesting. In Luliang people mostly eat noodles, rice noodles as breakfast. And most the food is sweet, spicy.

11.Top Attractions

There are many Luliang county attractions. Luliang Colored Sand Forest is a scenic spot characterized by naturally formed sand pillars and sand peaks. People can go to these places to enjoy, and people can visit the Wufeng Mountain, Baishuitang Pond, Zhongnanshan Mountain, Niutoushan Mountain, Longhai Mountain, Ruyi Dragon Pool, Dugong River, Maizihe River Park, Dadieshui Waterfall, Maizihe River and Sanchahe Ten-Li Lotus. Cuanlongyan Tablet, Qianfo Pagoda of Dajue Temple, Zhongling Academy, Longfeng Temple, Puji Temple and Dajue Temple are the best places to describe Luliang county.