Shidian County Accommodation

There are only three star hotels standing in Shidian County. Most of the hotels in Shidain are budget but with clear and comfortable environment. Here we recommend the best hotels in Shidian for you reference.

1.Jinbulang Hotel(施甸金布朗大酒店)

Add: No. 007, south side of Mocang Road, Dianyang town, Shidian county, Baoshan

Tel: 0875-8126777

2.Shidian Grand Hotel(施甸大酒店)

Add: Jianshe Road, Dianyang Town, Shidian county, Baoshan

Tel: 0875-3030666

3.Shidian Hongxing Garden Hotel(施甸红星花园大酒店)

Add: Mengdi Road, Dianyang Town, Shidian county, Baoshan

Tel: 0875-8120333

4.Shidian Yulan Business Hotel(施甸玉兰商务酒店)

Add: Yaoguan Town, Shidian county, Baoshan

Tel: 15308758943

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