Yanjin County Climate

Yanjin(盐津县) is a typical mountain county, in its’ territory ,there are many high mountains. And there are two rivers go through the county, which divide it into three parts. The highest elevation is 2263 meters, and the lowest is 329 meters. Because of its’ special geographical conditions, the climate of Yanjin county enjoys the characteristics of “one mountain at Four Seasons, different weather within 10 km”, hot in summer, wet and warm in winter, the distinction between seasons are obvious. According to the survey of the meteorological department, the annual average temperature is 17 ℃, the annual average precipitation is 1226.2 mm and the annual average sunshine is between 841-1170 hours.

Best time to visit

The best seasons to visit to Yanjin are Spring, Summer, Autumn. These three seasons' climate is good for people to go to the attractions.

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