11 Ways to Find Friends in WeChat iPhone

1. WeChat ID or Phone
If you know the WeChat id or phone number of a person, then enter it in the search box to find the person. Send a request to the person to add you as a friend and start discussing.

2. Friend Radar
Tap on “Friend Radar” and WeChat will show the people living nearby using the app in a radar like map. You can tap on the person and send friend request to start a chat.

3. Join Private Group
Wanted to start a private discussion with the people nearby your location? Tap on “+ icon > Add Contact > Join Private Group”. You need to enter four digit passcode to create a new private group. After starting the group, share the passcode to your fiends and ask them to join the group. Alternatively, you can get the four digit passcode from other group members and join their private group.

4. Scan QR Code
This is generally useful when someone is asking you to add as friend. Tap “+ > Add Contacts > Scan QR Code”. Scan the QR code of the person sharing the code with you. After scanning, you can add the person as your friend and start chatting.

You can also simply scan a QR code by tapping on the “ + icon > Scan” option.

5. Mobile Contacts
Tap on “Mobile Contacts” option and upload all you mobile contacts. After uploading you can look for the people using WeChat and send friend request to them. 

6. Official Accounts
Search for any official brand or company’s WeChat account.

7. WeChat Work Contacts
Tap on this option to find people using WeChat Work by their phone number.

8. Shake
It’s a funny way to find people doing same action like yours.

Tap “Discover > Shake” and select “People” option.
Now shake your phone to find the people who are shaking the phone at the same time.

• You will hear a camera shutter sound and WeChat will start looking for people shaking their phones.
• WeChat will show the person details.
• Tap on the person and send greetings.
• Once the person accepted your request, you can start chatting instantly.
• Similarly, you can also find TV programs and music with shake option.

9. Search
Tap on “Discover > Search” to find things you are looking for. Here you can search details from moments, stickers, novels, articles, official accounts, etc. You may not be able to connect to individual person from this searching.

10. People Nearby
Looking to find someone living nearby your area? Well, weChat have an option for that too!!! Go to “Discover > People Nearby” to get the list of people using WeChat nearby your location. Tap on three dots button to filter the list with males, females or with greetings. After tapping on a person from the list, you can send a greetings to him/her to initiate a chat.

11. Message in a Bottles
This is another ways to find unknown friends. It’s like a game of picking up and throwing messages in a bottle. Go to “Discover > Message in a Bottle” section. You will see an ocean of water with three options in the dock – throw, pick up and my bottles.