2019 Events and Exhibitions in Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center

Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center 

Name: Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center 昆明国际会展中心
Address: No.289 Chuncheng Road, Guandu District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, China 云南省昆明市官渡区春城路289号

2019 Events and Exhibitions

In 2019, there are seven events and exhibitions have been held or will be held at Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center. The following are arranged in chronological order.

China (Kunming) Seed Expo (21-22 Jul 2019)

“Seed exhibition, seed expo, seed trade fair, China seed expo”
Covering an area of 50,000 m2, the 11th China (Kunming ) Seed expo has more than 2,000 booths, and attracts over 1,000 exhibitors from around the world and more than 60,000 professional visitors from China and Southeast countries. The expo exhibits all kinds of seed and related equipment, including: fruit and vegetable seeds, corn seeds, rice seed, pasture seeds, flower seed, herbal seeds, seed treating agent, seed inspection equipment, and seed processing and producing equipment. The expo is supposed to provide a platform for seed companies, trader, distributors, wholesalers to meet business partners, to seek for new cooperative opportunities, and to expand their business.
Time: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM (Jul 21) (General)  8:30 AM – 2:00 PM (Jul 22) (General)
Participants: 60000 Visitors  1500 Exhibitors (estimate)

China (Kunming) Agricultural Machinery Expo (21-22 Jul 2019)

“Agricultural machinery expo, agri machinery trade fair,Agricultural machinery exhibition”
The China ( Kunming) Agricultural Machinery Expo, whose theme is “to organize a dedicated exhibition and build a commercial and trading platform.” Deepening the regional cooperation, the expo will continuously innovate the exhibition mode,optimize floor plan, and spend more effort on promotion. The expo is also dedicated to make the exhibition a most popular and efficient one in southwestern China, so as to fully promote the optimization of agricultural machinery industry and the stable development of agricultural machinery exporting in southwestern, southern and southeastern Asia. The expo showcases agricultural machinery, irrigation equipment, gardening tools, green house facility, little fittings, hardwares, and so on.
Time: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM (Jul 21) (General)   8:30 AM – 2:00 PM (Jul 22) (General) 
Participants: 60000 Visitors  1500 Exhibitors (estimate)

China Animal Husbandry and Feed Industry Expo (21-22 Jul 2019)

“A grand event of animal industry, which brings great opportunities!”
China’s animal husbandry has witnessed a great increase in collectivization, standardization and mechanization. Leading companies has gained great development, brand construction is continuously being pushed forward, quality supervision is strengthening, and animal husbandry has become more environment-friendly.
Time: 09:00 AM-05:00 PM(estimate)
Participants: up to 100 Delegates (estimate)

Kunming International New Energy & Electric Vehicles Exhibition (29-31 Aug 2019)

“EVs,Electricscooter,Electricbus,E-bike,Fuel vehicle,Electric vehicle, Charging facility, Accessory.”
CNEE is the biggest electric vehicle expo in the Western China. Zhenwei company belongs to UFI member. Exhibits: Commercial vehicle; Electric scooter; EV; E-motorcycle; E-bike; Charging facility; Vehicle accessory; General fuel vehicles. Area:50000sqm; Exhibitor:350; Visitor:60000. •Industry forum & logistics vehicle purchasing conference. Manufacturers, technological innovation and transformation, EV policy. Please inform us for reserve hotel, we offer 1 day accomodation and meals for free.
Time: 09:00 AM-06:00 PM(estimate)
Participants: upto 1000 Visitors  20 – 100 Exhibitors (estimate)

Kunming International Dental Expo (18-20 Oct 2019)

Kunming International Dental Expo is a comprehensive platform in dental industry integrating business, procurement, and display of new products and new technologies. It is composed of several national dental union conferences in the Mekong River Basin in Southeast Asia, the Academic Annual Meeting of the Yunnan Provincial Stomatological Association, and the China Dental Defense Foundation China Oral Health World. KIDE brings together domestic and international dental clinics, technical production and distribution companies, covering the entire dental industry chain. The core is to promote the establishment of channels for dental manufacturing and distribution companies, to sell products, to enhance the brand, as well as to provide a comprehensive platform for doctors, technicians, and distributors to purchase products, technology and search for innovations.
Time: 09:00 AM-06:00 PM(estimate)
Participants: upto 1000 Visitors  20 – 100 Exhibitors (estimate)

Kunming International Auto Show (08-12 Nov 2019)

The Kunming International Auto Show is an international automobile exhibition which provides the attendees with the opportunity to explore the display of ultra-luxury cars and it intends to attract 102+ import, joint venture and independent auto brands.
Time: 09:00 AM-06:00 PM(estimate)
Participants: 1000 – 5000 Visitors  100 – 500 Exhibitors (estimate)

Kunming International Beauty Expo (05-07 Dec 2019)

Kunming International Beauty Expo is created as a professional and large-scale beauty industry platform covering Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Sichuan, and Southeastern Asian countries. The exhibition will attract 40,000 visitors and 800-1000 booths over an exhibit area of 20,000 square meters, including lots of categories namely Professional, Cleaning Daily Cosmetics, Medical Beauty, Health Care, Women Fashion Items and Supply.
Time: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM (General)
Participants: 5000 – 20,000 Visitors  100 – 500 Exhibitors (estimate)

How to Get there?

By Bus
By bus No.K51., K28, K23 and get off at Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Centre Station.

By Taxi
If you go to Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Centre from downtown of Kunming, it costs you about 40 yuan.