Kunming Hot Spring Golf Club

Basic Information about Kunming Hot Spring Golf Club

  • Chinese Name: 昆明温泉高尔夫球会
  • English Name: Kunming Hot Spring Golf Club
  • Location: Kunming City, Yunnan Province

Kunming Hot Spring Golf Club, situated in a famous holiday resort—Anning Hot Spring Town, about 38kms from Kunming city, is the first ecological and natural forest mountain golf course in Yunnan province, the golf training base of Yunnan Provincial Sports Bureau, and the first golf team built in Yunnan province, covering an area of 1180 mu and an fairway of 7330 yards in total length. 

Features of Kunming Hot Spring Golf Club

It is an international standard golf course, which has a PGA golf certificate coach and a complete set of facilities.The hot spring valley has a beautiful environment and a pleasant climate, with an average annual temperature of 14.8 degrees, so it can be played all year round.The fairway connects many mountains and changes. On both sides of the fairway are covered with forest , no matter the blue sky in the afternoon or foggy in the morning, the view is full of scenery. 

The golf course is the style of Mediterranean and in total length of 280 yards and 40 posts. The driving range has three VIP rooms and an American teaching software system is installed. No fences in the driving range, and tall trees are a natural barrier. There are golf pro shop, Chinese restaurant, cafe and dressing room for your convenience.

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How to Get to Kunming Hot Spring Golf Club

Kunming Hot Spring Golf Club is 38 km away from Kunming City.

  • Kunming City – Kunming Hot Spring Golf: take No. 18 bus to hot spring valley in Panjiawan Bus Terminal
  • Anning City – Hot Spring Golf: you can take No.12 bus to Baita village, 150 meters ahead to the destination

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