Dali Weather in April

Dali Weather and Climate in April

When you travel to Dali, Dali weather in April is perfect for travelling. The climate is comfortable, neither too cold nor too hot. The  maximum temperature in Dali in April is about 23°C (73°F) at mid-day, while the minimum temperature may decline to 10°C (50°F) at night. 

Historical Dali Average Daily Temperatures in Apri

   April Average High  Average Low 
1 21.7°C / 71°F 9°C / 48.2°F
2 21.8°C / 71.2°F 9.1°C / 48.3°F
3 21.9°C / 71.4°F 9.2°C / 48.5°F
4 21.9°C / 71.4°F 9.3°C / 48.7°F
5 22°C / 71.6°F 9.4°C / 48.9°F
6 22.1°C / 71.8°F 9.5°C / 49.1°F
7 22.2°C / 72°F 9.6°C / 49.2°F
8 22.3°C / 72.1°F 9.6°C / 49.2°F
9 22.4°C / 72.3°F 9.7°C / 49.4°F
10 22.5°C / 72.5F 9.8°C / 49.6°F
11 22.6°C / 72.6°F 9.9°C / 49.8°F
12 22.7°C / 72.8°F 10°C / 50°F
13 22.8°C / 73°F 10.1°C / 50.1°F
14 22.8°C / 73°F 10.1°C / 50.1°F
15 22.9°C / 73.2°F 10.2°C / 50.4°F
16 23°C / 73.4°F 10.3°C / 50.5°F
17 23.1°C / 73.6°F 10.4°C / 50.7°F
18 23.2°C / 73.7°F 10.5°C / 50.9°F
19 23.2°C / 73.7°F 10.5°C / 50.9°F
20 23.3°C / 73.9°F 10.6°C / 51°F
21 23.4°C / 74.1°F 10.7°C / 51.2°F
22 23.4°C / 74.1°F 10.8°C / 51.4°F
23 23.5°C / 74.3°F 10.9°C / 51.6°F
24 23.6°C / 74.4°F 11°C / 52°F
25 23.6°C / 74.4°F 11.1°C / 52°F
26 23.7°C / 74.6°F 11.2°C / 52.2°F
27 23.7°C / 74.6°F 11.3°C / 52.3°F
28 23.8°C / 74.8°F 11.4°C / 52.5°F
29 23.8°C / 74.8°F 11.5°C / 52.7°F
30 23.9°C / 75°F 11.6°C / 52.8°F


What to Wear for an April Trip

Getting warmer in April, T-shirt and jeans may be appropriate during the daytime. At night, put on a coat, thin jacket, or knitwear.

Places to Visit in April Dali

  •  Erhai Lake:
    It is worth to visit. If you have enough time, riding a bike around it is a comfortable and unique experience. 
  • Dali Ancient Town:
    It is worth visiting because of its long history. April is the best time to have a visit to Dali. Many ethnic festivals are celebrated in April. March Street Festival of Bai Ethnic Group, also famous as the Kwan-yin Fair, is one of the most important traditional festivals in Dali. It is mainly celebrated by the Bai Ethnic people. The date of March Street Festival is from Mar. 15-21 in the lunar calendar. It is held at the west of Dali Ancient City. It’s a good chance to learn about Bai Minority culture.
  • Cangshan Mountain:
     It is  another scenic spot to choose. If you would like to enjoy natural beauty. A lot of flowers come into blossom one after another, especially the rape flowers.
  • Three Pagodas and Chongsheng Monastery:
    The magnificent Chongsheng Temple and the well-known Three Pagodas are the symbol of Dali.

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