Jiuhu Yishan Scenic Area of Baimang Snow Mountain in Weixi County, Diqing

Why is Jiuhu Yishan Scenic Area So Special?

Jiuhu Yishan (Nine Lake One Mountain) Scenic Area of Baimang Snow Mountain in Weixi County, Diqing is famous for its nine lakes. Clear water and beautiful landscape attract a lot of tourists to visit. It abundants animal and plant resources. Tourists come here to admire flowers and view different animals.

Where is Jiuhu Yishan Scenic Area?

The group of alpine lakes in Jiuhu Yishan Scenic Area is located in Luotong Community, Luoyi Village, Badi Township, Weixi County, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. It is only 94 km away from Meili Snow Mountain.

How to Get to Jiuhu Yishan Scenic Area?

By Bus: 

Shangrila – Deqin: Five buses leave from Shangrila Bus Station to Weixi County at different time, which takes around 4-5 hours. 

By Car-rental

From Shangri-la or Deqin county, tourists can go to Jiuhu Yishan Scenic Area by car-rental. 

What to See at Jiuhu Yishan Scenic Area?

The Group of Alpine Lakes

There are nine lakes with clear water and beautiful landscape: Luojiu Chuna (Black Lake), Lunaxing (Moon Lake), Xiezicuo (Wild Cat Lake), Chuji (White Lake), Yicuo Gume (Emerald Lake), Lunna chu Chuji (another white lake), Chumilu (Gem lake), Chugang , Zhahui Chuna.

Abundant Plant and Animal Resources

It abundants animal and plant resources. There are countless flower species. The breed of orchid is more than one hundred. There are many wild animalsalso, such as black bears, red deer, scorpions, bison, monkeys, pheasants, vipers, antelopes, foxes, wolves.


Zhahui Chuna is the most mysterious lake and means the oddest evil god. The villagers say it is a evil dragon. When talking loudly by the lake or throwing stones into the lake, the weather changes abruptly. If want to get here, you have to go through a primitive forest. Two villagers arrived here by accident when they found their lost cows. More legends add a lot of mystery here.

Best Time to Visit Jiuhu Yishan Scenic Area

You can visit at all the season. But in winter, the weather is extremely cold.

Accommodate at Jiuhu Yishan Scenic Area

There are several inns in Jiuhu Yishan Scenic Area with cheap price and simple condition.

Nearby Attractions

Meili Snow Mountain

Meili Snow Mountain is one of the most sacred mountains of Tibetan Buddhism. In the 1930s, they were praised by American scholars as the most beautiful mountains in the world. Meili Snow Mountain boasts numerous snow-clad ridges and peaks, thirteen of which are more than 6,000 meters above the sea level. The highest peak Kawagebo, which rises to 6,740 metres, has never been summited.

Baimang Snow Mountain

Covering an area of 190,000 hectares, Baimang Snow Mountain National Nature Reserve has a complete vertical sight of virgin forest and rare plants and animals. There are 20 peaks of more than 5.000 meters above sea level, among which the highest is Baimang Snow Mountain covered with snow all year round, with the altitude of 5,430 meters.

Useful Travel Tips

► Check with the hotel or guesthouse whether there is water for shower before checking in it for its lack of water in this area.
► The ultraviolet rays are strong and you may need to bring something anti-sunburn.