Militang Alpine Pasture in Shangri-La, Diqing

Why is Militang Alpine Pasture So Special?

“Miritang,” meaning “Buddha’s eye – shaped meadow,” is so named because it looks like a slender Buddha’s eye. It is the largest pasture in Potatso National Park, about 3.7 miles and 10 minutes’ drive from Shudu Lake. Under the azure sky dotted with clouds, the grassland is like a giant green carpet paved on the ground, with yaks and sheep scattered around and smoke from herdsmen’s chimneys drifting in the breeze. 

Where is Militang Alpine Pasture – Location

Militang Alpine Pasture is about 10 minutes away for Shudu lake by driving. Situated in the east of Shangri-La, Pudacuo National Park is about 22 kilometers and 40 minutes’ drive from Shangri-La downtown area. It is about 26.2 km from Songzanlin Monastery and 25.1 km from Dukezong Old Town and Guishan Hill.

Function of Militang Alpine Pasture

It is said that the plants grown in the pasture are rich in protein and fat, which the cattle and sheep have eaten will make them produce massive milk and high-proportion of butter and cheese, so the Miritang pasture has been an important pasture in Shangri-la.

How to Get There

By Bus: At Shangri-La Bus Station, there are buses running to Pudacuo National Park at 08:00, 08:30, 09:30 and 10:00. And the return  time is 14:00, 14:30, 15:00 and 16:30.

By Minivan Rental: Tourists can hire minivan to Pudacuo National Park at the square in Dukezong Old Town. 

By Taxi: It takes 40 minutes from Shangri-la County; a single trip costs CNY 80 and a round-trip costs CNY 150.

Recommended Visiting Route

Militang is the Second Stop of Pudacuo National Park tour. Travelers cannot get down to the pasture and have close contact with the cattle, horse, sheep yet, but there is a grand sightseeing platform for travelers to shoot amazing photos and enjoy the gorgeous meadow scenery. It is recommended to stay for 10-15 minutes.

Best Time to Go

In spring and summer, a number of flowers are blossoming, which decorates the grassland into a colorful picture. In autumn, the land will be carpeted by spruce, azalea bosk, quercus, aquifolioides and redwoods. Wild mushrooms can be seen everywhere. It looks golden on the whole, tranquil and elegant. In winter, the land will turns into a tranquil white paradise.