Nanen Waterfall in Xinping County, Yuxi

Why is Nanen Waterfall So Special?

Nanen waterfall(南恩瀑布) is located in the Ailao mountain national nature reserve of Xinping county, Yuxi city, Yunnan province. The waterfall covers broad rocks with the widest spot being about 10 meters and fall being 100 meters, reputed as “The First Waterfall of Ailao Mountain”. On the Ailao Mountain, “The higher the mountain is, the higher the water is”, this is a peculiar phenomenon of nature. There is no snow cover on the top of the Ailao Mountain, all the running water are from natural rainfall. There are water all the year round at Nanen Waterfall, which fully shows the good conservation of water and soil, as well as rich vegetation of Ailao Mountain. Only in this place, it is possible to maintain the water flowing all the year round, keep the trees lush. 

Where is Nanen Waterfall?

Nanen waterfall is an attraction besides Enshui Highway(恩水公路), close to Jiasa Town(戛洒镇) and free of charge. In winter, the water of Nanen waterfall is less; While in summer, there are a large amount of water. Nanen waterfall has a drop of 100 meters, it is spectacular when the water is abundant. 

Best Time to Visit

Nanen waterfall is magnificent and spectacular during the rainy season(July and August), like a roaring dragon dropping from the sky. The sound of the torrent reverberates through the valleys, and the impact is felt several miles away.

How to Get There

There are 6 non-stop long-distance buses a day from Kunming to Xinping County. Then another 2 hours is needed from Xinping county to Nanen Waterfall. It is about 180 kilometers from Kunming east bus station to Xinping bus terminal, 2.5 hours. 

Nanen Waterfall in Xinping County, Yuxi

Accommodation Around Nanen Waterfall

You are suggested to return the county seat of Xinping County or stay in Jiasa Town for overnight. 

1. Shiguang Xiaozhu(Golden Time) Hotel新平时光小筑酒店

Address: Jiaxia Avenue, Jiasa Town, Xinping County, Yuxi玉溪新平县戛洒镇戛洒大道

Tel: 18887730188

Starting Price: 115 CNY

2. Nature Outdoor Villa新平大自然户外农庄

Address: Daha Liangzi, Daha Village, Jiasa Town, Xinping County, Yuxi玉溪新平县戛洒镇达哈村达哈梁子

Tel: 15758024198

Starting Price: 93 CNY

3. Xinping Ailao Mountain Hotel新平哀牢山酒店

Address: The Middle of Jiasa Avenue, Jiasa Town, Xinping County, Yuxi玉溪市新平县戛洒镇戛洒大道中段

Tel: 0877-7393878

Starting Price: 111 CNY

Nanen Waterfall in Xinping County, Yuxi

Useful Travel Tips

1. Nanen Waterfall(南恩瀑布) is not far from Shimen gorge(石门峡), ancient tea horse road and Jinshan mountain(金山) virgin forest. Nanen waterfall is free of charge, but there is ticket package 60 yuan(including Shimen gorge, ancient tea horse road and Jinshan mountain virgin forest). Ancient tea horse road is 20 yuan and Shimen gorge is 40 yuan.

2. Know the general situation of Nanen waterfall and Ailao mountain national nature reserve in advance, if you are in a tour group, tour guide will introduce cultural geography for you.

3. Summer is the best time to visit Nanen waterfall. But in rainy summer, it is prone to nature disasters, please take care of safety.