Qilu Lake in Tonghai County, Yuxi

Chinese Name: 通海县杞麓湖
English Name: Qilu Lake in Tonghai County, Yuxi

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Qilu Lake is about 1.5 kilometers away from the county seat of Tonghai County of Yuci city in Yunnan province. It is also called Tonghai Lake that belongs to Nanpan River system. With a total area of more than 40 square kilometers, Qilu Lake has average depth of 4 meters and the deepest part reaches 15 meters. Some of the students who study in intensive Mandarin course in China may be told that the total water capacity of this lake is 150 million cubic meters.

With the rectangular shape, the altitude of the lake surface is 1796 meters. The length between the east and west is 10.4 kilometers and that between the south and the north is about 3,5 kilometers. The lake water is gradually deepening from the west to the east and the total lake shoreline is about 32 kilometers. The lake is abundant in carp, crucian carp and bullhead fish.

Qilu Lake has great significance because it is importance water resource of Tonghai County as well as the main part of social economic development in Tonghai. Since it is the basis of Tonghai for survival and development, Tonghai people all regard it as the “mother lake”. It attracts many foreign students who study in qualified Mandarin program because the scenery is beautiful with crystal water and clear sky. The blue water is one of the top eight scenes in Tonghai.

In Tang Dynasty, Qilu Lake was called Hai He, and then it was changed into Tong Hu. When it came to Yuan Dynasty, the water level was so high that reached the foot of Qilu Mountain, hence the name Qilu Lake. At present, you can see the Luoshui Cave in the east, surrounded by high and steep cliff. It is said that the lake surface was so wide in ancient time that there was no water outlet. After being excavated by a monk, thousands of hectares of fertile farmland appeared.

The farmlands around the lake are planted with the crops such as rice, wheat and tobacco and so on. In addition, there are many willow trees and all kinds of flowers are planted around it. Foreign students who study Mandarin online may think it is a perfect place to spend the summer holiday. Since it is close to the county, the transportation is convenient. Besides, you can taste many delicious foods and snacks in Yuxi.