Shangrila Hiking and Cycling Travel Tips

Hiking: There are a lot of hiking possibilities around Zhongdian:
Shangba-la Folk environment Association organizes trek or visit in the Shangba-la Farm Nature Reserve. Contact Mr. Zhaxi Duoji at Tibet Cafe for detailed information. Tel. 0887-8230282. E-mail: Website:
Bitahai: an easy hike from its south entrance to the west entrance. Admire well-preserved forests around the lake, wildflowers and green meadows.
Gyalthang Dzong Hotel organizes nature walks, botanical tours, tour guide arrangements.
More aggressive trek: Start from a village in Little Zhongdian, hike to Baishuitai, Haba Village, and Tiger Leaping Gorge. (5 – 7 days). This route is reserved for experienced hikers.
A hiker from Taiwan posted the following itineraries at Naxi Family Guesthouse:
Shudu Lake – > Niru 尼汝 (6 hours) -> Luoji 洛吉 (10 hours). A good adventure for those who want to explore the real country, less influenced by modern society and tourism. Niru is a beautiful, isolated place. I don’t have information for local accommodations.
Trek to Yading in Sichuan: Langdu 浪都 -> Geka 各卡 (6 hours) -> Yading 亚丁 (2 days). (see local map for location.)
Who can help you rent a car, horses or find a guide and lodgings:
Wandou at Youth Hostel , Zhaxi Duoji at Tibet Cafe, Gyalthang Dzong Hotel, Haiwei Trails.
How can you find other travelers to join your hike in order to share the expenses of a guide and a car:
Post your itinerary on the notice board of Youth Hostel. There are few bus services between Zhongdian and the above mentioned region.

Cycling : Yongsheng Hotel, Youth Hostel and Gyalthang Dzong Hotel have bikes for rent.
Suggested routes : 1. Napa Lake and nearby Tibetan villages. 
2. Ride to the west entrance of Bita Lake by bike (two to three hours) and further to Shudu Lake (45 minutes). This journey is quite tough, including a four-hour hike and a six-hour ride.