Tibetan Family Daytime Visiting in Shangri-La

Chinese Name:香格里拉藏族家访(白天)
English Name: Tibetan Family Daytime Visiting in Shangri-La

Brief Introduction

Tibetan people are one of the most important Chinese minorities with unique traditions and customs, who are most concentrated on the western borders of China. They are very open to the world. Tibetan home visiting in Shangri-La is a good way to learn about the culture and way of life of today’s Tibetan families. It’s a interactive activities of experiencing the original, unique and colorful Tibetan customs. 

Tibetan Home Visiting in Shangri-La

Traditional Tibetan Houses

There are several types of Tibetan buildings while a home in Shangri-La is typical built with natural materials, such as wood, stones, and dirt or mud. Tibetan architecture is worth appreciation. Their houses are designed to blend in with the beautiful natural landscape that surrounds them. Many families raise animals as well, including cows, yaks, sheep, and horses. In their homes, the ground floor is then used as a stable for animals and a rough wooden staircase rises to the upper floors. 

Main Activities

Stepping into the Tibetan home, you’ll receive a Hada offered by an old man at the door. And the Droma(refering to male) offers barley wine at the door, then leading you to the living room. After seated, you’ll be served with hot buttered tea, highland barley fried noodles, barley wine, etc. At the same time, you can have a chance to enjoy the singing and dancing of Tibetan people. There are many kinds of Tibetan songs and dances in Shangri-la. The most representative ones are Jiantang Guozhuang dance, Nixi love dance, Tacheng Reba dance, Deqin string dance, yak dance, etc.