Top 10 Shangri-la Tourist Attractions and Things To Do Rated on TripAdvisor

Shangri-la, which means “the sun and moon in one’s heart” in Tibetan, is also the site of the world natural heritage “three rivers flowing in parallel”. The unique snowy mountains, plateaus, meadows and Tibetan customs make this area known as “the last piece of pure land on the blue planet” . The following is the top 10 Diqing Tourist attractions and things to do rated on TripAdvisor.

1.Tiger Leaping Gorge (Hutiao Xia)

Tiger Leaping Gorge is famous for its “danger”. Its main peak is as high as 5,596 meters above sea level. The mountain on the west bank is 600 meters higher than that of Hell Gorge in the United States. Tourists enter the valley and the scenery is very frightening. Due to the collapse of mountain rock faults, numerous Liang Shi falls and ridges form a forest of rocks in the river.

2. Sumtsaling Monastery

Sumtsaling Monastery is built on the mountain. It looks quite similar to the Potala Palace in Lhasa. Because of its large scale, it is reputed as “Little Potala Palace”. Not only are the buildings here exquisite, but there are also many religious artifacts and precious cultural relics hidden in the temple. Also known as “Tibetan Art Museum”.

3. Guishan Park

All the way to  Guishan Park, which is the highest point of the whole ancient city, overlooking the dukezong ancient city built on the mountain, guishan park has the world’s largest prayer wheel. The whole warping drum is about 5 stories high.

4. Potatso National Park

Located in the central area of the Great Shangri-La Scenic Area, it is an important part of the world natural heritage “Three Parallel Rivers”. Putatso is a paradise for photography lovers. The spring and autumn seasons are especially beautiful. It is the best time to visit Putatso or take photos.

5. Shudu Lake

Shudu Lake is surrounded by mountains on all sides, with an elevation of 3705 meters. The primeval forest is well protected. The lake water is clear and blue. The lake is a stretch of plateau pasture. Wild flowers bloom in spring and summer, and the forest in autumn is completely dyed. The scenery is very beautiful.

6. Dukezong Ancient Town

Dukezong Ancient Town is a beautiful moonlight city, where you can relive the vicissitudes of the tea-horse ancient road. The architectural layout of the ancient city is like an eight-petal lotus flower, with the moonlight square in the center, surrounded by ancient Tibetan wooden houses one by one. It is the best preserved and largest group of Tibetan dwellings in China and the hub of the ancient tea-horse road.

7. Birang Grand Canyon

Shangri-La Canyon is famous for its mysterious depth. The average elevation of these canyons is over 3,000 meters. Today, the ecological environment in the canyons is well protected. The full wall height is over 1,000 meters. At least the sky is cloudy, which makes appall. 

8. SongZan LinSi ZangBao ZhanLanGuan(松赞林寺藏宝展览馆)

Located in the center of Songzanlin Temple Treasure Exhibition Hall has beautiful Tibetan-style Huangjiao temple buildings, exquisite murals, Xiu Xiang, Buddha statues, and sculpture, which one likes very much.

9. Napa Hai Nature Reserve

Napahai Nature Reserve, located in Yunnan Province of China, is a tourist resort with beautiful natural landscape and charming scenery. Here, surrounded by green mountains and lakes, it can be described as a wonderful world. The terrain here is flat and broad, surrounded by mountains and rivers, and the scenery is extremely beautiful.

10. Shika Snow Mountains

Although it is called snow mountain, there is snow only from November to April and may of the following year. the rest of the time, the rocks are bare and azaleas are in full bloom. Shika Snow Mountain Scenic Area is equipped with two sections of ropeways, which can easily reach the peak. If the ropeway goes up and down, the scenery along the way is very worth seeing.

These are the top 10 Diqing Tourist attractions and things to do rated on TripAdvisor.. If you want to know more about other Zhaotong tourist attractions, you can inquire on the website or consult relevant staff.