Wang Jiefeng – National Inheritor of Lusheng-making Skills of Miao Ethnic Minority in Daguan County


Wang Jiefeng(王杰锋,1960-2019) is Skillful Lusheng Maker in Daguan County, Zhaotong. He also is the inheritor of Lusheng-making Skills of Miao Ethnic Minority(苗族芦笙制作技艺). His ancestors were famous local Lusheng  maker. As a family of Lusheng maker, the skills of Lusheng-making have been passed to Wang Jiefeng, which is the fifth generation. For more than a hundred years, the fame of Wang’s skill in making Lusheng has spread toYunnan(云南), Guizhou(贵州) and Sichuan(四川), and Wang Jiefeng is also known as Wang Lusheng(王芦笙).

Personal Experiences

Lusheng is a traditional musical instrument loved by Miao ethnic groups in Daguan County. Wang Jiefeng began to follow his father to learn the skills of Lusheng-making at the age of 19 and mastered the whole production process and process of Lusheng. After many years of exploration, Wang Jiefeng improved on the basis of inheriting traditional skills. He repeatedly experimented on the relationship between the length of reed and the pitch of the pronunciation tube. He proofread the sound with accordion and electronic organ. Therefore, compared with the traditional Lusheng, the Lusheng made by Wang Jiefeng has a louder, clearer voice and a more accurate tone.His Lusheng is as small as 30 centimeters and as large as more than 1 meter. He can also make 8 or 10 tubes of Lusheng according to the user’s requirements. The craft is excellent and the shape is beautiful.

Inheritance of Lusheng-making

Wang Jiefeng has never forgotten his responsibility and as a national inheritor. It is his wish to publicize and develop the skills of Lusheng-making and to inherit it continuously. 

Over the years, with the care of the Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau(市文化旅游局), the Party Committee in Daguan County(大关县委会) and the county government(县政府), and with the support of the Daguan County Cultural Museum(大关县文化博物馆), Wang Jiefeng has always insisted on teaching art with apprentices, and established a long-term training point for the skills of Lusheng-making, actively cooperating with the municipal and county cultural departments to carry on the intangible cultural heritage.

Chinese Verson:
Tanslated by Olive/张银芳

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