Xinmin-Lawan National Unity Day in Yaoan and Mouding Counties, Chuxiong

Chinese Name: 姚安县新民-牟定县腊湾民族团结日
English Name: Xinmin-Lawan National Unity Day in Yaoan and Mouding Counties, Chuxiong

March 23, that is, February 15 of the lunar month, was the 25th Xinmin(新民)-Lawan(腊湾) National Unity Day in Yao’an(姚安) and Mouding(牟定) Countries,Chuxiong(楚雄). In order to talk freely about the friendly feelings between the Yi families in the two places, further deepen the national unity and constantly plan for the development of the ethnic groups in the two places, in turn, Yao’an(姚安) government held the 25th Xinmin(新民)-Lawan(腊湾) National Unity Day celebration in Xinmin(新民) Village Committee, and carried out the activities such as fraternity, artistic performances, free clinic of medical staff and material exchange. Although it was drizzling, ten thousand people of all ethnic groups dressed in national clothes would not stop playing strings and singing folk songs. They gathered together to celebrate the 25th National Unity Day.

This was a rave festival. On the artistic performance court, the members of Yao’an(姚安) Country’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center(ICHPC) scrambled to appear on the stage, and their performance was so wonderful that all people regardless of age and sex roared with laughter. At the free clinic site where the county clerk’s office for the implementation of the “Concentric Project(同心工程)” organized the medical staff of the county people’s hospital and the county hospital of Chinese medicine to carry out the activity, many middle-aged and elderly people competed for inspection and consultation outside three layers. The doctors were praised lavishly for their warm service and superb medical skills. The young boys and girls were immersed in the dancing and singing field, singing antiphonal folk songs. When one person finished his or her songs, another would go no. During the process of singing and dancing, they were showing their elegant demeanor, releasing their passion, and letting go of their mood. Of course, they could not forget to quietly find the right person. All the men and women, old and young looked for strings to join the dance, forgetting their age, forgetting their hard work, and forgetting their worries.They jumped out of a good mood, and roared so easily.

This was a spiritual gathering. It was a gathering of directors at all levels to discuss the development matters of vital importance. It also was a gathering of the hearts of men, women, and children in all the places, a reflection of heart to heart, a leap of passion in life, and a transmission of love. Besides, it was the bridge of friendship, and the sustenance of hope as well.