Yunnan coffee exchange

Yunnan Province is the most suitable coffee planting base in the world. It has grown coffee for more than 100 years. Coffee planting area and production in Yunnan cover more than 95% of the country.

However, the export of Yunnan coffee as the main raw material leads to the low industry performance. As the executive manager of Yunnan International Coffee Exchange Co., Ltd., Mr. Shu said that in order to improve the performance of the industry and reflect the value of Yunnan coffee, on the one hand, it is necessary to establish a quality and technical system that meets international standards. On the other hand, we should form an independent pricing mechanism.


Yunnan International Coffee Exchange Co., Ltd. (YCE) was established on October 11, 2014. It has a trade headquarters, a professional processing base, three freight centers and a warehouse. YCE has worked closely with SCAA and CQI to establish a coffee quality technical system that meets international standards. YCE hired Ted Lingle, former President of SCAA and founder of CQI, as a senior consultant of Yunnan International Coffee Exchange.

YCE shares the concept of specialty coffee with coffee farmers, provides a service platform for trading, holds various exhibitions and competitions, and promotes Yunnan Arabian coffee brands. YCE has 20 wine tasting centers in China, such as Wuhan, Dalian, Lanzhou, Qingdao, Harbin, Chengdu, etc.

Yunnan Coffee Exchange

  • Pu’er – Epicenter of Yunnan coffee and home to the Yunnan International Coffee Exchange (YCE)
  • YCE’s headquarter facilities include: state of the art coffee trading center, SCA certified training facility, full service cupping lab, training café, and finance center

YCE’s Mission

  • Enhance and innovate the value and sustainability of the Chinese coffee sector and supply chain
  • Become the direct link between the Yunnan coffee community and the global coffee industry
  • Implement an innovative trading platform for Chinese and all Southeast Asia growing regions
  • Provide a comprehensive agricultural, financial, marketing and management support service network to Yunnan coffee growing communities and the surrounding Chinese and Southeast Asia growing regions
  • Establish SCA standards for all Asian green coffees
  • Provide leadership to the Chinese coffee industry through quality, education, innovation, and transparency to become a global factor in coffee production and consumption

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Edited by Hellen He/何琴