Yunnan Yuxi Hongta Tobacco Group Co Ltd

Yuxi, due to strong ultraviolet & special nutrients of the highland red soil, produces the world-famous high-quality tobacco. 50 years ago, the predecessor of Hongta Group, Yuxi Cigarette Factory was born there.

Yuxi Cigarette Factory was established in 1956. In 1959, the first pack of “Hongta Shan (Red Pagoda Mountain)” came into being. In September 1995, on basis of Yuxi Cigarette Factory, Yuxi Hongta Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd was established. In December 2005, Yuxi Hongta Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd was renamed as Hongta Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd. In June 2007, under the overall requirements of “four-centers” of State Tobacco Monopoly Administration and the arrangement of the Group, Hongta Group established a production and manufacture center and thus Yuxi Cigarette Factory, as the production site taking main manufacture tasks restored its organizational system. Under the new organizational system, Yuxi Cigarette Factory in operation has changed into a compact cigarette manufacturer with the basic functions of production arrangement, process quality, energy saving and emission reduction, safe and stable operation, team construction, etc. from the one with loose organization in the past. Taking the production task for the high-class and main-brand cigarettes for Hongta Group and with the annual production capacity of more than 1.80 million cases, the factory is the largest manufacturer of Hongta Group.

Yuxi Cigarette Factory has various advanced equipments for the primary processing, the secondary processing, expansion and redrying, including primary lines of 12t/h and 5t/h production capacity, two each, PROTOS2-2 cigarette making machine that is the most advanced in the world and can make 16,000 pieces/minute from Germany, GD-H1000 packing machine that can pack 800 packs of cigarettes per minute from Italy and other advanced automatic logistic system almost covering the latest manufacture technologies of the world. Yuxi Cigarette Factory can make approximately 10,000 cases of cigarettes a day. It has the modularized processing under the philosophy of fine processing and flexible production, further optimizing its process flow and processing technology. It has made many beneficial explorations and innovations.

In order to meet the requirement of “organize production as per customer order”, by reference to the advanced industrial index, Yuxi Cigarette Factory sets its target, optimizes resource allotment, transforms its development mode, greatly promotes advanced management modes suitable for tobacco manufacturers, such as “department-based operation and management”, “responsibility of unit”, “standardized flow management”, “production management per brand”, “special line for fine products”, “internal market-oriented mechanism”, etc.; in addition, taking “factory management system model” as the practice platform for factory management idea and tidying up its factory value chain and management chain, it has formed the main progressive management target achievement route of “digital factory -> precise production -> excellent performance -> cultural management”, has fixed its own development way and has further strengthened its comprehensive competitiveness.

In the new era when China tobacco is in the situation of brand competition, toward the strategic target of “try to create world-class brands”, and based on the internal logic of “strategy determines culture, culture promotes thought, thought directs execution, execution drives improvement”, Yuxi Cigarette Factory will be devoted to the common promotion of human and system, further detail functions and duties, perfect systems, have smooth information circulation, have strict examination, strengthen basic management, promote elaborate production mode, enhance the implementation, manufacture and harmony of the factory, continuously boost its leading advantages in management mode, operation mechanism, production index, product manufacture, etc., create excellent performance and take efforts to create top and leading cigarette factory in the industry.