Top 9 Rivers for Rafting Tours in Kunming

1.Jiuxiang Rafting

Yiliang Jiuxiang Chaishitan Scenic Spot is one of the best summer choices. A ten-kilometer rafting trip will definitely give you a cool holiday. The Chaishitan drifting is located in the upper reaches of the Panlong River in Yiliang, where the water flow forms a few levels of drifting adventures. As one of the nearest drifting areas in downtown Kunming, there is an idyllic scenery along the river.

Line A: Under the Kunlin Expressway Shilin Station, turn Shilin-Jixiang Tourism Line Highway-Chaishitan Scenic Area, Nanpanjiang Drifting-Yiliang-Kunming

Line B: Kunming Expressway Yiliang Station, transfer to Yiliang-Jixiang Highway-Chaishitan Scenic Area, Nanpanjiang Drifting-Yiliang-Kunming

2.Kunming Qinglong Gorge Rafting

Qinglong Gorge has 7 kilometers of beautiful drifting routes, up to 103 meters, with high participation, great experience, large drop, plenty of water, and boat rush. It has become the most exciting dynamic, fashionable and trendy water sports entertainment in Sichuan. The drift time is about two hours. Surrounded by greenery, there are rapids and shoals along the way, and there is a pool of pools, drifting in the meantime, giving people a sense of relaxation, which is a unique feeling different from ordinary life!

Qinglong Gorge in Anning City, Kunming

3.Xishan Ronin Camp CS Rafting

Here you can play rafting, see the waterfall, and cross the virgin forest! Not only that! You can walk the tightrope, rock climbing, zip line, trapeze! Everyone grouped into a real battle showdown, which can be divided into the capture of the flag, the offensive and defensive war, the maze encounter… shuttle through the obstacles, look for each other’s figure, fight against the enemy.

4.Anning Tufeiwo CS Rafting

There are more than 20 projects here, including rock climbing, zipping, ubiquitous, waterfalls, high-altitude flying, lover bridges, and tightrope. Boating in the water, pedal boat operation is very simple, mobile phones and other valuables can be placed in the locker at the reception, or into a waterproof bag (purchasable), choose the object, the happy play war began.

5.Duoyi River Rafting

The Duoyi River has a total length of 12 kilometers and has more than 40 waterfalls. It rushes to the Pearl River after the convergence of Wanfeng Lake, Huangni River and Nanpan River in the junction of Yunnan, Guangxi and Guizhou. The drifting of Duoyi River is not exaggerated like a fairyland. The water is very clear and urgent. It is inevitable that the whole body will be soaked all the way. The water is also super cool. The terraces and mountains are in front of you, and the dynamics of life are felt.

Duoyi River in Luoping County, Qujing

6.Maguohe River Rafting

Mahehe Scenic Area is located in Malong County, Yuzhong Plateau. It consists of three sections: Mahe River, Wanmu Grassland and Xianglushan. There are 37 scenic spots with a scenic area of 28 square kilometers. The scenery of the river crossing the river is a typical river valley scenery. It is 16 kilometers long, with cliffs on both sides of the river. The rocks are strange and strange. The trees are green and the vegetation is intact.

7.Phoenix Valley Rafting

Shizong Phoenix Valley Drifting Scenic Spot is located in Wulong Zhuang Village, Shizong County, Qujing City, which is known as one of the 60 tourist towns in Yunnan Province and is known as “Xiaoxi Shuangbanna”. This area is located in the low-heat valley trough area, with beautiful natural environment and pleasant scenery. Wulong River is soft and affectionate, and the folk customs are unique and rich.

Phoenix Valley Scenic Area in Shizong County, Qujing

8.Tiger Leaping Gorge Rafting

The drifting of the Tiger Leaping Gorge is very exciting, because there are very few people who can cross the Tiger Leaping Gorge so far. It is the most dangerous part of the entire Yangtze River, with a total length of 25 kilometers. In 1986, the Yangtze River Drifting Team successfully drifted through the Tiger Leaping Gorge and created a miracle in the history of drifting. When you cross the Tiger Leaping Gorge, you can feel the heroicness of the bustling ‘to the middle of the stream, the wave of the boat’.

9.Nanlahe River Rafting

Drifting in the Nanla River, the original scenery along the river, the wild fish in the river can be seen everywhere, you will find that the nature can be so beautiful, the fish can swim freely.Nanla River in Mengla County, XishuangBanna