Yuxi Museum

Why is Yuxi Museum So Special?

Yuxi museum focuses on the history and culture of Yuxi, which is the essence of Yuxi culture. There are many exhibition halls, such as the vivid paleontology exhibition hall, the exquisite bronze museum exhibition hall and the Nie Er culture exhibition hall, and the exhibition hall of Yuxi history deduction, which record the details of Yuxi’s past and present.

The Yuxi museum consists of eight basic exhibition halls and a temporary exhibition hall, covering over 5,000 square meters, including paleontology hall, new paleolithic hall, bronze hall, porcelain hall, painting and calligraphy hall, modern and contemporary history hall, culture and art hall and tobacco hall. All the exhibition halls are applied the novel display and exhibition concept, cooperated with the modern sound, light and electrical technology, and assisted with the three-dimensioned animation, touch screen, simulation scene and other methods.

Where is Yuxi Museum?

Yuxi museum, located in Hongta Avenue of Hongta District, Yuxi, Yunnan, adjacent to Hongta hotel and Nie Er park, has beautiful environment and convenient transportation. It is a comprehensive and multi-functional museum integrating collection, display, scientific research and external publicity and communication.

Features of Yuxi Museum

1. Ceramics Exhibition Hall: The ceramic exhibition hall takes the Yuxi kiln which produced blue and white porcelain in the Yuan and Ming dynasties as the masterpiece of Yunnan blue and white porcelain. It is the most abundant exhibition hall in the whole museum. 

2. Marine Biological Hall: There are models and fossils of ancient Marine life species, especially the famous trilobites, Yunnanozoon云南虫 and Fuxianhuia抚仙湖虫.

Yuxi Museum

3. Dinosaur Fossils Exhibition Hall: It displays all kinds of dinosaur fossils from the Jurassic period, most of which are from the Chengjiang Maotianshan animal fossil coenosis澄江帽天山动物化石群.

4. Intangible Culture Exhibition Gallery: It displays ethnic costumes, historical culture, national, provincial and municipal intangible heritage protection projects of 8 counties and 2 districts in Yuxi.

How to Get There

The transportation in Hongta District is convenient. You have two ways to get there. The museum is located on the main road of the city, and it is also convenient to take a taxi. The price starts from 6 yuan.

1. By Long-distance Bus

There are many buses from Kunming to Hongta District of Yuxi. After arriving at the Yuxi bus terminal, you can take No.4 bus, getting off at Oil Company Station.

Kunming South Bus Station-Yuxi Chengxi Bus Terminal in Hongta District

Departure Time: 7:00-20:00

Price: 37 CNY or 55 CNY

Distance: 107 kilometers

Consume Time: About 1.5 hours

2. By Train

The fastest way to get to Hongta District of Yuxi is by train. After arriving at Yuxi Railway Station, you can take No.9 bus, getting off at Power Center Service Station.

Kunming South Station-Yuxi Station in Hongta District

Departure Time: 8:10, 9:55, 10:07, 18:47, 19:13

Ticket Price: 32 CNY or 40 CNY

Distance: 81 kilometers

Consume Time: 32 minutes

Kunming Station-Yuxi Station in Hongta District

Departure Time: 5:36-17:20

Ticket Price: 16.5 CNY

Distance: 105 kilometers

Consume Time: 1 hour 20 minutes

Nearby Attractions

1. Nie Er Park聂耳公园

The ancestral home of Nie Er, a famous musician of our country and the composer of the China national anthem, is in Yuxi. Now there is Nie Er park in Yuxi city. Founded in 1985, there are Nie Er bronze statue and memorial hall in the park. Completed in July 1987, the park is a comprehensive park mainly dedicated to the memory of the people’s musician Nie Er, integrating culture, rest and recreation. The park is divided into memorial area, recreation area, cultural activity area, quiet rest area, children’s recreation area, flowers production appreciation area and park management area.

2. Yuquan Temple玉泉寺

Yuquan Temple, located in Daying Street of Hongta District, Yuxi City, is adjacent to Yingyuetan映月谭 leisure culture center and Yingyuetan hot spring. It is a large-scale Buddhist activity site and a national AAAA level tourist attraction. uquan temple is majestic and grand in scale, consisting of seven shrine buildings, including the grand buddha’s hall大雄宝殿, heavenly king’s hall天王殿, the hall of patriarch祖师殿, pharmacist hall药师殿, Dizang palace地藏殿, hall of 500 arhats五百罗汉堂 and wealth hall财神殿. The grand buddha’s hall enshrines Sakyamuni Buddha carved from sandalwood, 26.8 meters high, which is the highest indoor Buddha in southeast Asia.

Yuxi Museum

3. Yingyuetan Hot Spring映月谭温泉

Yingyuetan Hot Spring映月谭温泉 is located in Dayingjie Subdistrict of Hongta District, Yuxi, Yunnan. It is a unique place for recreation and recuperation, also a pure Japanese style hot spring tourist resort. 

Best Time to Visit

Museum visit is mainly indoor activities, consequently, tourists can visit Yuxi museum at all seasons.

Accommodation Around Yuxi Museum

Hongta District is the government seat of Yuxi City. Accommodation is convenient here.

1. Hongta Hotel云南红塔大酒店

Address: No.32, Hongta Avenue, Hongta District, Yuxi玉溪市红塔区红塔大道32号

Tel: 0877-2066666

Starting Price: 379 CNY

Rating: 4-star

2. Longma Hotel玉溪龙马大酒店

Address: No.48, Hongta Avenue, Hongta District, Yuxi玉溪市红塔区红塔大道48号

Tel: 0877-2067102

Starting Price: 134 CNY

Rating: 3-star

3. Home Inn如家快捷酒店

Address: No.40, Fenghuang Road, Hongta District, Yuxi玉溪市红塔区凤凰路40号

Tel: 0877-2021777

Starting Price: 107 CNY

Useful Travel Tips

Yuxi Museum

1. Please keep quiet and don’t make any noise when you enter the museum。

2. Some objects in the museum are not allowed to be photographed or touched, and there are warning signs inside.

3. With convenient transportation and strong cultural characteristics, the museum is definitely the best place to enrich your knowledge. If you want to visit Yuxi, you can visit Yuxi museum first to learn about it, and then the field trip will be more interesting.

4. Adjacent to the Hongta Hotel and Nie Er Park, there are plenty of restaurants and entertainment venues to choose from around Yuxi museum.

5. The Museum is closed on Monday, except Chinese legal holidays.