Dulongjiang Tunnel in Gongshan County, Nujiang

With a total length of 79 kilometers, Dulongjiang highway starts at Gongshan and ends at Kongdang the government seat of Dulongjiang township. By the end of November 2013, all the road works have been finished and put into use. With a loud bang at 13:28 noon on April 10, the final blast of the Dulongjiang highway tunnel, marked the completion of the Dulongjiang highway tunnel.

Deep in the valley, the natural conditions of Dulongjiang township are very bad, with only one road leading to the outside world. Every year, heavy snow seals the mountain passes for about half a year. It has been the poorest and backward region of Yunnan province and even the whole country. 

Dulongjiang highway is the only channel for the Dulong people to communicate with the outside world, as well as the lifeline of the economic development of the area. The completion of the highway tunnel marks the end of the isolated life of locals in the winter which will greatly improve the living standards of the Duong people. It also makes it available for the tourists to visit it in the winter times.

Dulongjiang River Tunnel in Gongshan County, Nujiang