Kunming Huadu Ocean World

Kunming Huadu Ocean World is located in Dounan Huahua World, Chenggong District, Kunming City. At present, there is no advertisement to see all kinds of marine animals and performances, ice and snow world and lantern exhibition, pet paradise. The specific content of the building owner can wait for July 1 to open after the experience. 

Kunming Huadu Ocean World is located in the Kunming Dounan International Flowers Industrial Park. With flowers, plants, and the ocean as its main themes, the establishment offers floral art, marine animal performances, exhibitions of the ocean’s weird and wonderful, popular science education, relaxation, recreation and shopping, all under one roof. In Kunming Huadu Ocean World, the first lower ground floor and the first floor make up the aquarium. The second floor houses the children’s play area and retail area. Food and beverages, and training in floral arts are available on the third floor. The science and technology center is on the fourth floor, while the reptile zone is on the fifth floor.