Zhaotong Transportation-By Train

Zhaotong Transportation-By Train mainly introduces the latest trains to and fro Zhantong and the information of the major railway stations in Zhaotong. In order to help visitors get to Zhaotong conveniently, Yunnan Exploration will provide the detailed information. If you have any problems, please contact us.

The Neijiang-Kunming Railway crosses Zhaotong and has stations in the city. There are trains to and from Kunming, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guiyang and Guangzhou. The Chengdu-Guiyang High-speed Railway under construction has stations in Weixin County and Zhenxiong County, and the planned Chongqing-Kunming High-speed Railway will cross Zhaotong.

Main Railway Stations in Zhaotong

  • Zhaotong Railway Station(昭通火车站)
    Add: Shaotong Avenue, Zhaoyang District, Zhaotong City(昭通市昭阳区邵通大道)
    Tel: 0831-95105105
  • Yanjin Railway Station(盐津火车站)
    Add: Yanjing Town, Yanjin County, Zhaotong City(昭通市盐津县盐井镇)
    Tel: 0831-95105105
  • Daguan Railway Station(大关火车站)
    Add: Shoushan Township, Daguan County, Yunnan Province(云南省大关县寿山乡)
    Tel: 0831-95105105
  • Yiliang Railway Station(彝良火车站)
    Add: Dazhai Village, Luoyihe Town, Yiliang County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province(云南省昭通市彝良县洛泽河镇大寨村)
    Tel: 0831-95105105

Zhaotong Train Schedule

Zhaotong Railway Station

Train No.  From-To Type Departure Time Arrival Time Duration Distance
5636 Zhaotong-Neijiang Normal train 09:33 19:52 10h19m 367km
5646/5647 Zhaotong-Guiyang Normal train 10:20 20:06 9h46m 407km
K854 Zhaotong-Chengdu Fast train 17:55 05:26 11h36m 586km
K1271/K1274 Zhaotong-Chengdu Fast train 20:03 06:14 10h18m 586km
K853 Zhaotong-Kunming Fast train 21:07 05:28 8h26m 547km
K828/K829 Zhaotong-Shenzhen Fast train 21:07 06:17 32h25m 1,990km
K1272/K1273 Zhaotong-Hangzhou Fast train 23:26 10:10 34h52m 2,256km

Yanjin Railway Station

Train No.  From-To Type Departure Time Arrival Time Duration Distance
K1223 Yanjin-Anshun Fast train 01:34 09:33 7h59m 446km
5635 Yanjin-Daguan Normal train 13:52 14:46 1h17m 50km
K1224 Yanjin-Chengdu Fast train 02:07 10:25 8h18m 450km
K1273 Yanjin-Kaili Fast train 17:25 06:17 12h49m 731km
K853 Yanjin-Kunming Fast train 18:31 07:33 13h2m 683km
K1050 Yanjin-Chongqing Fast train 05:19* 16:03 10h44m 516km

Daguan Railway Station

Train No.  From-To Type Departure Time Arrival Time Duration Distance
K9465 Daguan-Anshun Fast train 20:33 05:42 9h9m 396km
K854 Daguan-Chengdu Fast train 19:45 06:33 10h48m 500km
K9465 Daguan-Guiyang Fast train 20:33 07:11 10h38m 493km
5636 Daguan-Yanjin Normal train 10:49 12:27 1h38m 50km

Yiliang Railway Station

Train No.  From-To Type Departure Time(Yiliang) Arrival Time Duration Distance
5636 Zhaotong-Neijiang Normal train 10:32 19:52 10h19m 367
5635 Neijiang-Zhaotong Normal train 17:25 18:45 10h32m 367

Note: the above information is only for reference. It is very difficult to list all trains to and fro Zhaotong. If you cannot find your departure, please contact us.

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