Wenshan Transportation – By Train

Wenshan Transportation – By Train mainly introduces the latest trains to and fro Wenshan and the information of the major railway stations in Wenshan. In order to help visitors get to Wenshan conveniently, Yunnan Exploration will provide the detailed information. If you have any problems, please contact us.

Main Railway Station in Wenshan

At present, there are four railway stations in operation in Wenshan, namely Guangnan Railway StationPuzhehei Railway StationFuning Railway Station and Zhulin Railway Station. Travelers can take high speed trains at the above railway stations to Kunming, Dali, Guilin and Guangzhou. 

  • Guangnan Railway Station 广南站
    Add: Paibo Village, Liancheng Town, Guangnan County, Wenshan (文山州广南县莲城镇派播村)
  • Puzhehei Railway Station 普者黑站
    Add: Qiubei County, Wenshan (文山州丘北县)
    Tel: 0876-95105105
  • Funing Railway Station 富宁站
    Add: Zhelang Village, Xinhua Town, Funing County, Wenshan (文山州富宁县新华镇者郎村)
    Tel: 0876-95105105
  • Zhulin Railway Station 珠琳站
    Add: Bainitang Village, Zhulin Town, Guangnan County, Wenshan (文山州广南县珠琳镇白泥塘村)

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Wenshan Trains

High Speed Train Schedule

No. From-To Arrival Time Departure Time Railway Station
D3937 Liuzhou – Dali 11:09  11:13 Puzhehei Railway Station
D3803 Guangzhou South – Dali 13:48  13:52 Puzhehei Railway Station
D8612 Kunming South – Puzhehei  09:19  09:19 Puzhehei Railway Station
D3961 Hengyang East – Dali 15:29  15:32 Guangnan Railway Station
D3827 Guangzhou South – Kunming South 16:08  16:11 Guangnan Railway Station
D3843 Zhuhai – Kunming South 17:54  17:57 Guangnan Railway Station
D3933 Nnaning East- Dali 09:19  09:21 Funing Railway Station
D3938 Dali – Beihai  14:41  14:43 Funing Railway Station
D8686 Dali – Funing 19:32  19:32 Funing Railway Station
D3937 Liuzhou – Dali 10:51  10:53 Zhulin Railway Station
D3923 Beihai – Kunming South 12:23  12:25 Zhulin Railway Station
D3958 Dali – Liuzhou 18:07  18:09 Zhulin Railway Station

Note: If the data differs from the station or the data published by 12306, please refer to the data published by the station or 12306.

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